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  1. Yes, you’re exactly right....but after you send to lockbox, you’re transferred to a service center. Think of the lockbox as just a mailbox, then it’s sent to the actual facility where it gets processed. When you get your notice saying they received your i130, you’ll be given a case number and from there you can determine your service center. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Potomac was pure luck, as they seem to be processing in about 3 months as opposed to the 8-10 some of the other service centers are. It depends on what state you live in where you originally file. I’m in NC so I sent to Chicago Lockbox. From there is where it gets transferred.
  3. Ugh. I hate this. I’ve seen this before and I really feel like this is denial just because they don’t understand culture...and that’s just not okay. Before your fiancé comes, I would have them print everything out so you two can fill it out together. Let it be three copies of everything—one for each of you and then one to be sent in. You don’t have to wait for anything to come in the mail for your denied K1....just send everything as soon as spouse arrives back home. My husband and I were denied K1 in 2016 because they didn’t believe our relationship was bona fide. We got married later that year, and actually thought about me (the USC) being the one who immigrated, so I made lots of trips back and forth. Ultimately with all the bills and stuff piling up for me at home, mostly from student loans, we decided to just bite the bullet and file for IR1 in May. Now begins the waiting game again. Good luck to you both!
  4. Taxes in this situation have been a NIGHTMARE. I am praying this doesn’t come back to bite me, but literally....I did all I could do. We got married in 2016, so when 2017 tax time rolled around, I tried to file married. Went to several different preparers that all told me the same thing: he’s not here, he doesn’t count, have to file single. Eventually I did find someone who helped me apply for him to get an ITIN. Long story short, I got an notice in August (6 months later) saying that he wasn’t eligible for an ITIN, so my taxes would be filed as single. Finally got my refund, so that was good. I tried calling several times to get explanations for this, but even the IRS folks didn’t know what to do with me. After one of the call center folks told me that the confusion was part of “the price paid for marrying an immigrant” I decided I’d had enough and gave up with the whole thing. This year and last, I settled for just filing single.
  5. Thank you so much! I did feel like a tree-killer when I copied all those passport pages, but I thought I read somewhere that it should be all of them. Oh well—at least the exit/entry stamps will show we’ve had a lot of face time. So after I mail all of this stuff in, Will I be required to send in another pack of stuff with my income info? Or would my husband just take these things with him to the interview?
  6. Hi all, My husband (Ghana) and I (US) went through the K1 process a few years ago unsuccessfully, but ended up getting married in Accra in 2016. Since then, I’ve been floating back and forth between Ghana and the US every few months, and we were sort of planning on me relocating—but finding a job proved to be difficult, especially one that could continue to pay the bills back in the US (those pesky student loans will get you every time). So here we are filing the I-130. I’ve got so much anxiety over this thing, I guess because of the failed K1, and it really seems like our last chance. I feel like I’m forgetting something though—like maybe proof of income? Is that something I need to add in there? I’ve seen things about affidavits of support, but not sure where to start. Heres what I do have: Money Order G-1145 I-130 I-130A (for spouse) Copy of my passport (all pages) Passport photos of me Paasport photos of spouse Marriage Certificate copy Affidavits from friends/sister that attests to relationship Cell phone records showing calls Copy of my credit card showing him as an account manager WhatsApp Chats About 30ish pictures of us, our wedding, with friends and family (including some of mine from the US), all throughout Ghana I had all of these things organized really well in a plastic (non-metal) 3-ring folder...but I’m thinking this is too much. So now I’m thinking of just paper clipping everything by section. Anything else I should add? Tax documents? Check stubs? Thanks in advance.
  7. Great, thanks everyone! The financial stuff is hard. I bank at a State Employee credit union and any person I add has to actually come in the office. I’ve got insurance of course, but don’t have a life insurance policy or anything (I’m 27 and just haven’t really thought much about it—I can work on that though). I did add him to my credit card, but AMEX threw him off when they realized he didn’t have a SSN. Looks like I need to dig up some Airbnb receipts, but even those would probably just have my name on them since I’m the one with the card 😱
  8. Hi All! My husband Vincent and I got married in 2016 in Accra after a denied K1. I've done A LOT of traveling back and forth to Ghana over the past couple of years, and we're now trying to get pregnant, so it's past time that we begin our "VisaJourney" again--this time with a spousal visa petition. The K1 was denied because they believed our relationship wasn't bona fide. In my last petition, I sent in the bare minimum of what was needed, and then worked really hard on making sure Vincent was ready for the interview with the photos, chats, etc. That obviously didn't work for whatever reason, so this time I'm wanting to front-load and see if that helps any. I have a flimsy 3-ring notebook that is organized into 5 sections: 1. Essentials--cover letter, money order, G-1145, and I-130 2. Petitioner/Beneficiary Documents--copy of my passport, two passport photos of me, I-130A, passport photos for Vincent, marriage certificate 3. Whatsapp Chats--I plan on picking 3 conversations from each month, for as far as I can go back 4. Photos--I have about 200 photos of before we were married, our marriage ceremony, and us traveling around Ghana with both mine and his family 5. Witness Statements--Notarized statements from my sister and 4 friends here in the US that have either met Vincent in person, or have at least talked to him on the phone Does this look okay? Anything else you think I should add, like financial documents? We don't own any property together and our finances aren't really mingled like they would be if we actually lived together. Should I add in my personal income stuff to the front-load? I make the 125% above the poverty level required and I read on VJ that NVC will send a letter to me requesting this info, but not sure if I should go ahead and add it in since, well, it's Ghana... Thanks for all the posts and everyone's help! This forum was great in the past and can't wait to be involved again! --Ali
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