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  1. Ok .. I'm pretty sure once they have reviewed the additional documents they asked you guys to submit, someone from the Embassy will email with the next step, rather that's to schedule a second interview or drop his passport off at DHL
  2. My husband and I had a second interview last month but we received the interview date via email. Did you have to schedule your first interview?
  3. No. All of my correspondents from the Embassy has been via email. The last time I received snail mail was at the USCIS level.
  4. We were DQ on 7/2/19 and received our interview date on 8/22/19 (9/26/19, interview date). Hope this helps
  5. Update* On November 29th, we received an email informing us of a second interview date December 23rd. They will do an interview via phone with me (the petitioner) and my husband will interview in person at the same time. I will let you guys know if my husband will finally be coming home to me.
  6. Wow .. that seems unfair .. hopefully that will not be our outcome since we are CR1 .. good luck and thanks for the feedback
  7. I was married before, divorced for over 10 years .. neither one of us have children ..
  8. It's that part that I don't understand, them not being convinced .. I front loaded and side loaded my case .. We had flight information from all 3 trips, affidavits from 2 people from his side and 2 people from my side, chats and pictures and a breakdown of our timeline .. I just don't get it .. Thanks
  9. His interview was September 26 .. and they did not keep his passport .. just AP with no additonal requested documentation
  10. Does anyone know if the CO looks at your priority date at the time of your interview? I'm asking because my husband had his interview on September 26 and was put into AP. Our service center was California and our priority date (December 14, 2018) just now became current. I'm just brain storming since we weren't given a reason for being put into AP and no other documents have been requested
  11. Your petition was approved but has she had her interview yet?
  12. I understand everyone goes into AP but they did not take his passport. They just kept our original marriage license and his original birth certificate
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