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  1. We met on Facebook in September of 2017 and we did not marry on my first visit I went there for the first time in January of 2018 ( we did have an engagement ceremony during this visit) and I went back in September 2018 to get married. I have made a total of 4 visits to Ghana. They mostly focused on how we met on Facebook during the dual interview and his father name.
  2. According to him, he has never been petitioned for or applied for a visitor's visa. And moving to Ghana is not in the cards for me. I take care of my disabled mother and she is not willing to go to Ghana and I am not willing to leave her.
  3. That's definitely what originally went through mind. But he assured me he has never been married. I'm waiting for the letter from USCIS and will go from there. I'm really just looking for someone in a similar case as mine that received an approval after responding to the NOIR
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a little hope. Has anyone else petition been sent back to USCIS from the Embassy with recommendation to revoke and later got approved. I filed for my husband in December 2018. Our petition was approved April 2019 and had his initial interview in September 2019 and was placed into AP. We then had a dual interview (via phone for me and in person for him) in January 2020. We finally heard back December 2020 that our petition would be returned to USCIS with recommendation to revoke because we do not have a petitionable relationship (whatever that means). My husband is from Ghana and it's hard to find any happy ending. ~ Hopefully yet scared
  5. No, nothing. We are still in AP. I send an email to the embassy every other friday and receive the same reply.
  6. Hello, I don't want to cause you any stress but I think it's a big deal. We made the same mistake but we didn't notice it until our second interview. We have been in AP for 7 months with no idea how much longer it will last, espeically with this pandemic. Everyone case is different but at our second interview the person that interviewed my Husband really drilled him about his fathers name. I really hope someone tells you if your marriage license can be amended. Good Luck
  7. Ok .. I'm pretty sure once they have reviewed the additional documents they asked you guys to submit, someone from the Embassy will email with the next step, rather that's to schedule a second interview or drop his passport off at DHL
  8. My husband and I had a second interview last month but we received the interview date via email. Did you have to schedule your first interview?
  9. No. All of my correspondents from the Embassy has been via email. The last time I received snail mail was at the USCIS level.
  10. We were DQ on 7/2/19 and received our interview date on 8/22/19 (9/26/19, interview date). Hope this helps
  11. Update* On November 29th, we received an email informing us of a second interview date December 23rd. They will do an interview via phone with me (the petitioner) and my husband will interview in person at the same time. I will let you guys know if my husband will finally be coming home to me.
  12. My husband had his interview yesterday in Ghana. The CO asked the normal questions. Then she left and came back with the white slip that simply had administrative processing selected at the bottom. She did not ask for any other documents but she keep our original marriage license and his original birth certificate. I called my Texas State Senator and was told there was nothing that can be done except wait. Please advise
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