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  1. Please first off my response was not for you but since you insisted on someone else's response Sir, first off you don't know anything but what I wrote not what happened after or how corrupt they may or not corrupt Ghana embassy is you only speaking from YOUR experience there if you even have any there...... so have a nice day I will not waste a moment more........
  2. Why won't your parents be around that sounds so sad...... I wanted my dad to walk me but now he won't he has dementia, Parkinson's and now a mass on his brain.....I just pray, this is soooo terrible that the states works like this and that these embassies are so corrupt.... they can't define your love for your significant other or your significant Other's Love For You. But, if you have money there's always a back door. Found that out as well but I chose to do it the right way.
  3. Yes please I am trying to do my homework on the cr-1 can't go through this hurt ever again trying to visit three times this yr, one will be away from Ghana.....
  4. Thank you I'm going back in January, How long do I got to file the withdrawal should I do that asap.
  5. My fiance was denied a k-1 due to a few thing. First I started in this group after filing so didn't front load but, you know our evidence in the end was on point thanks to the group. We had red flags so we loaded up that part in the end he had everything but blood but he knows my type (lol). We been together since 2016 friends since 2015 engaged in June of 2017. I am 14 years older and only went to Ghana once so we were good with why I didn't visit and our parents sent their happiness in court and notorized letters. I have a regular job with limited vacation time so this yr I had surgery which took up my time for this year to go but had all surgery papers.... we had the questions down to a T because he knows everything about new by heart. He went in turned in documents then saw the first person who then gone him the pamphlet talking about the Visa then to the second white guy 30's who didn't look at evidence just starts questioning him about me, my job, my children and how did he feel about being a stepdad, then about my job which is a money counter for the state, then asks him did I send him money he answers no because I didn't...... then he stops with the questions and hands him the white paper with 221 on it..... broken my fiance leaves. We are still broken but my faith in God is bigger than this situation. So I need advice as to what are my next steps already sent out 5 emails, faxes to my Congress, Senate, and councilmen yes 5 of them I know it's a long shot a but I need to be proactive this is our lives. I love him so and he me......I need step by step info, how long do I wait to hear from my councilmen? Do I then withdraw my application and the steps to withdrawal it..... then what's next?
  6. I wrote my senators and councilman 5 of them.....I am not trying to just let it happen the way it did.
  7. Do you mind sharing your process and what they did ask for us with upcoming interviews...
  8. Question my CEAC STATUS says ready, what does that mean? Do we still have to wait for the embassy or can he do what the ready status says to do? Do you know???
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