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  1. Source? I think it has been the case for the past few years. All these questions were there. Unless there is a new change now
  2. That is nice. I am assuming you have an extensive travel history to the USA?
  3. That is quite interesting. I thought there would be more checks and balances.
  4. How come it is a crapshoot during the I-130 process? I never found any legal rule that says you can’t visit during the I-130 process as long as you satisfy the CBP officer.
  5. I have a good job and an apartment. I am just concerned if me going every other weekend for a couple of days is pushing it too much.
  6. Haha. I don’t want to get to that point when the officer says too much. That is why I wanted to see if anyone had similar experience here
  7. I am Canadian and live in a border city. How much visiting is too much during the process ? Is couple of days every other weekend too much?
  8. Congrats. Did the approval notice come from Texas service center? I am 6 months at Texas still
  9. Where did the approval notice come from? Which service center?
  10. How did the system allow you to submit a request and your petition is still within the normal processing time?
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