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  1. I wonder if there is any alternative. Would the reviewing officer for the I-485 be able to just check the travel history or be satisfied with a letter of explanation? I am sure this is not an isolated incident for Canadians
  2. I am adjusting yes. I don’t see any travel history for me. The last I-94 I can see for myself is when I flew to the USA a year ago but nothing about all land crossings You mind elaborating more?
  3. My passport. But Canadians crossing land borders generally don’t get I-94 or stamps
  4. As a Canadian crossing by land. I was not issued an I-94. How do I proof that I was inspected through the border in the i-485 form?
  5. Are 3 years of tax transcripts plus employment verification letter that lists the salary enough documents for the I-864? Or should I add the W2 and tax returns etc?
  6. So going over the I-864 support documentation. Taxes for 2022 just filed and the transcript from IRS won’t be available until a month from now. Would 1040 and W2 be sufficient?
  7. I agree. But sometimes people circumstances change drastically and you have to make the hard choice.
  8. Yeah that I know. The I-485 does not ask for any bona fide marriage documents since generally for AOS both I-130 and I-485 are filed concurrently but mine is different. I do no know If I am making sense. Just looking for feedback from people who have gone through same process
  9. I have read that. My situation is that the I-130 is approved already so wonder about needing to resend the bona fide evidence again with the I-485
  10. Came to the USA 4 months ago with spouse to visit family while the I-130 in progress. Circumstances changed and we are thinking of just adjusting status. I-130 approved a couple of months ago already and sent to NVC. Should I send the marriage documents that I sent with the I-130 again like photos, joint bills etc with the I-485? Or they will have a copy of the whole file that was sent to NVC including the bona fide document.
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