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  1. Our case is currently stuck in Jerusalem as we try to transfer to Amman since my spouse cannot enter Jerusalem. We received DQ in Feb 2020. Amman is refusing to transfer until they get through their que. Do we have any options to go through the NVC and request they transfer it? Can we complain anywhere about how long we have been waiting?
  2. I guess you would need to be Arab to understand these sentiments sorry
  3. Because the Americans interviewing in Jerusalem may be Israeli and there is an anti Arab mentality that may be an issue.
  4. I have sent them the same email like 15 times and I keep getting the same reply 😩 that’s why I am wondering if anyone has actually been successful in transferring. We received DQ in February 2020...I see all these people complaining about waiting and they had DQ like 3 months ago and I want to tell them how long we have waited...
  5. Has anyone succeeded in transferring their IR1 case to Amman? I have been trying since November to transfer from Jerusalem to Amman but the reply is always to request the NVC to do this. Our case is already at Jerusalem and ready to interview so the NVC has told us they no longer control the case and that Amman must request the transfer.
  6. My husband is Palestinian but holds a Jordanian passport and can interview at either location. Has anyone experienced the interviews or embassy personnel to be racist or more difficult for Arabs in Jerusalem?
  7. This is directly from The email: We are ready to begin final processing of your immigrant visa application. To schedule an appointment for your visa interview, please visit the following website: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-il/iv. Once you select an appointment date, please print the appointment letter and bring it with you on the day of your visa interview. You may also schedule an appointment for your immigrant visa interview by calling the call center at -+972 23741221.
  8. Hi All, We received DQ last year and were told to schedule an interview via their portal - but I am unable to do so. I have been emailing the embassy in Jerusalem and no one has replied in over a month - has anyone scheduled an interview recently in Jerusalem or know how to correspond with them directly? Thanks
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