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  1. Hello, Our lawyer requested to have our papers sent to Amman from Jerusalem. How will we know when Amman accepts this and we get a new ID number? We already are "Ready" at the Jerusalem embassy but did not receive an interview date there. Thanks!
  2. Hello I believe my husband will need a waiver for a criminal record. We are close to our interview - do you recommend taking the i-601A waiver to his interview or to wait until they tell us he is eligible for the waiver? I am confused my lawyer said we cannot take the waiver to the interview but I read here that we can do that. So after you submit the waiver you have to wait for another interview? How do people maintain marriages like that...
  3. Hello, Does anyone know when Queen Alia airport will be opening in Jordan? Any idea if there will be a 14-day mandatory quarantine? That is assuming US citizens can even travel there. Have not seen my husband in almost one year...
  4. I need to be here for work and currently no travel into Jordan is allowed without a 14 day quarantine which I do not have time for...
  5. We have a PD of October 2018 - have been delayed at every step and expecting to go to AP after interview...this process is so draining. I wonder how many people end their marriages and give up on visa...
  6. Oh wow so I am not considered an expedite if I transfer to another embassy...that is unfortunate.
  7. Need some help if anyone can answer a few of our questions....our visa is in transit to Jerusalem, we requested an NVC expedite and it was approved and we now requested a transfer to the embassy in Amman because it is difficult for my husband to get into Jerusalem. My questions are: 1. How will we know if Amman approves the transfer, and after it is accepted, will our case still be expedited there. 2. Are expedited cases getting interviews first? 3. And I also read online that if your expedite is approved through the NVC then we schedule the interview ourselves not the NVC? Sorry I know a lot of questions but we appreciate your help!
  8. Thanks, yes I noticed no one is getting interviews in any ME countries...our process is just dragging on for so long.
  9. We have a PD of October 2018 - unable to visit much because of my toddler needing me here...I did not expect an approval but it was!
  10. Hello - my husband just received an approval from the NVC and embassy for an expedite - now that we are waiting for an interview, will we go into the que with everyone waiting since March or will we be given priority? Would an emergency interview be allowed with the expedite approval? We had already received DQ in February. Thanks!
  11. Hi I think that is the case - if I want to expedite I have no idea who to contact and what reasons to use...we do not have pregnancy or documented health reasons - just that it has taken so long already. My PD was Oct 22, 2018...
  12. Hi all - we got DQ on February 23rd and until now, I login to the ceac website and our application is still at the NVC - when will it be in transit and sent to the embassy? Is this too long? Or is this still due to Embassy closure? We are exactly trying to transfer our case from Jerusalem to Amman...
  13. It was during the 2nd Intifada - with Fatah at the time. Also, it seems Christians (male or female) may have an easier time with this process then Muslim men specifically. Thanks for your replies!
  14. Hi All, My husband was involved in politics in the West Bank during his university days ~15 years ago - will this hinder us during the interview? Has anyone dealt with this?
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