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  1. Thanks! You never know. Ironically, I feel like NVC is faster during the Coronavirus, even though they have less staff now. Weird huh? You just might get lucky. good luck!!!
  2. I just realized I forgot to update!!! I got DQ on April 6 First and only submission Feb. 7, 2020. Good luck to everyone and stay safe!!!
  3. I think you should upload as soon as you receive them. If you don't they might not look at anything. And if they do look at your paperwork and all REQUIRED documents are not there, they won't give you an interview unless you submit them online. That being said, for your husband, did you provide 2018 tax firm or 2019? If 2018, I think you may just need to provide latest pay stubs (just to prove income is ongoing). For the joint sponsor, what tax year did they provide u with? If 2018 you will need that year's paperwork and latest paystubs for proving ongoing income. If 2019, you need to submit everything online after they provide you with everything. Good luck!
  4. Alf mabrook! 3o2bal 3ind ilba2yeen! Congrats! I wish you all the best!
  5. Finally I just submitted my documents! Now the wait game begins!!! At least I can finally breathe. Oh my God that was so stressful... The online system is no joke! So confusing! Or maybe I'm not tech-savvy enough 🤣
  6. Thank you! I will try today for sure. Now one hour away. I am so anxious and nervous. By the way, on crack it says for any inquiries to go to ask nvc and there’s a direct link, but it’s not working thanks again!!! oh I forgot to say that I still didn’t submit his supporting documents, and there’s a place to upload the i864a there as well. I’m thinking if the representative on the phone tells me that it takes six or eight weeks for a reply or for them to reopen the system I might just submit. They’ll either accept the one in supporting documents or tell me to resubmit that, which actually might take as much time as waiting for them to open. I don’t know, I’m so lost. I’ll see what happens when I call. Wish me luck!
  7. Good morning everyone! Or good evening depending on where u live. Okay, so I made a really really really stupid mistake. I have a joint sponsor, and added her household member. When I thought I attached his I-864a, I accidentally submitted the sponsor's I-864. There is abosolutely no way that I can delete it and NVC's ask nvc site is down. I have no idea what to do! Can someone please save me!!! Thank you all for your replies in advance.
  8. yea i'm thinking the same thing. it changes to accepted i think once they DQ it.
  9. Thank you for responding! I'll probably upload one with letter and everything else together and then letter by itself and each supporting document alone too.
  10. Hello! Did you submit a letter of domicile. If so, did you put supporting documents in the same pdf or was each supporting document in a separate pdf? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! So I want to ask about how to submit the letter of domicile. Should I put each supporting document in the same PDF as the actual letter, or each in a separate PDF? Thanks a trillion!!!
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