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  1. It took us 7 months from start to finish in an extremely low fraud country and NVC expedite.
  2. Frustrating indeed, but you are nearly there! I'd start preparing for the NVC stage such as getting background reports (make sure they are valid for at least a few months after getting them), filling out the I-864, getting tax transcripts, etc. The That way once you get access to NVC, all you have to do is upload everything and it is a good use of waiting for your RFE response. Just look at the timeline of others. Some VJ members got their NVC letter the same day as approval, others had to wait a couple of months. We had everything prepared to upload to NVC prior to getting our letter aside from a Canadian background report which stalled us.
  3. You should be hearing soon. Processing time is 7.5 months meaning that is when they will get to your case and provide you with an approval. It doesn't mean they are working on your case for 7.5 months straight. On the bright side, not much longer for you! We were bummed when we got an RFE saying we never submitted the I-130 when it was done online. Turned out, they wanted a wet signature and it took them nearly two months to finally approve us after the RFE and we had overnight a hand-filled I-130 the day we got the RFE!
  4. Our RFE was saying they did not get the I-130 which did not make sense as it was online. Your RFE letter will say whether they need an original. If they specifically ask for an original, then you need to may it in. I'd also send the entire I-130A, not just pages 4-6 just to be on the safe side since you only have one chance.
  5. Hubby is now with me in the States! For those with or having a LAX POE, the immigration process was about 5 minutes long. Customs was also quick minus a delay due to the baggage carousel breaking down. Wishing everyone speedy interviews and safe travels! The planes were all booked to capacity so there wasn't any social distancing, which was not ideal, but he made it here!
  6. We are a February 2020 filer, have our visa, and in the US! See my signature for our timeline Wishing everyone a speedy approval!
  7. I went throught the LAX POE reviews and there are only a few recent reviews. Has anyone else recently had a POE experience in Los Angeles? How was the process? Did it take long to go through customs?
  8. You can hear as early as tomorrow or as much as a couple months out. VJ'ers have been reporting this kind of range.
  9. Thanks! We sent our expedite using help from this website (http://www.lovevisalife.com/2017/09/nvc-expedite-request-us-spouse-visa/). You send a request for expedite to NVC. Since you are already DQ'd, NVC forwards your request to the embassy. They will review it which can take days to weeks (you will get an email when it is in review) and then they will respond back with whether they accept your expedite or not. The length of this all depends on your embassy so finding others who expedited in your embassy can help give you a range of how the long process is. If the embassy accepts your expedite, then they will schedule your interview. Again, when they schedule it will be dependent on embassy and how many others are in queue who also have been accepted to to get an interview date scheduled. From our research prior to sending an expedite, some embassies are easier to get expedites than others. As long as you have a compelling reason with evidence to back it up (i.e. eviction letter if you are doing a financial hardship, a pathology report if you've been diagnosed with something serious), then it is worth a shot. The worse that can happen is that they say no. For those who will try to expedite based on financial hardship, becareful as it can backfire on you at the interview. A joint sponsor will most likely be needed.
  10. We got our I130 approval much much sooner than expected as well! Our DQ took less than 24 hours and the same for a few other VJ members. 2 months is a good solid estimate. NVC has been working really fast this year so you might here sooner than that. If you have any kind of reason for expedite, go for it as it does not hurt to try.
  11. You'd have to contact USCIS to see which service centre you have. None of us here can answer that because they are continually transferring cases.
  12. You are early in the process so I wouldn't stress which service centre you have at this point. USCIS transfers cases all the time to balance the processing times. You can always use the Ask Emma feature on the USCIS website. In the chat say you would like to "speak to an agent" and then they can give you your service centre, though the most reliable information is from speaking directly from a Tier 2 officer. A lot of 2020 cases are being processed quite quickly with their new transferring system they have going on (average around 6 months).
  13. If it is approved, its approved. We had an interview scheduled last month and it got cancelled an hour prior to due NZ locking down, so I am assuming they didn't need much to review after his interview this week. Just give them a few days. If they said you are approved, then your visa will come. The status will always say AP before issued. Issued means its done and printed and ready to be sent/picked up.
  14. We went into AP after verbal approval. That was time spent for them to print the visa and prepare the paperwork. A few hours later, our status said "Issued". A couple hours after that, our tracking number (we wrote it down prior to mailing them the envelope to send the passport back) said it was picked up by the post. You will get your passport in a couple of days!
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