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  1. Hello! My husband has an interview in Ankara this week. In their email they ask for the most recent year's tax transcripts, yet on their website they ask for transcripts OR 1040/W-2s. We're not able to get 2021 tax transcripts yet. Do you know if they were okay with just the 1040s? THANKS!

    1. SBHbb67


      Hello, everything is on a case by case basis, so one thing that is true for one person may not apply to another. That said, I heard people had to wait a little longer because they did not include the most recent tax transcript. However, if you cannot access your returns for a legitimate reason, you can write a letter explaining your situation, and attach the 1040s to that letter. The consulate considers those letters in their assessments. I hope this is helpful.


      To add: Just Google "consulate explanation letter" and you can find templates. Here's one I found for the Canadian consulate, you can just sub with your relevant information (e.g. replace ICU with case number, etc.).


  2. Hello, don't panic :) This is a generic e-mail. They mean to say that if you are going to bring anything to the interview, one copy has to be uploaded to CEAC and you also have to bring the original to the interview. You must have already uploaded some of it, but for instance, if you got a more recent police certificate, go ahead and upload that to the CEAC system as well. They just won't upload anything to the system on your behalf. I can't say anything for sure about the Nufus Kayit Ornegi, however, my instinct says that they may let it go, since you are legally married in the US, and they are providing a visa for the US. I would guess his marital status in Turkey should not be of concern to the consular office (for instance, I am thinking that if a gay couple got married in the US, the consular officer would not deny the visa only based on the grounds that the Turkish government does not recognize that marriage). This is only a guess of course, but even if it is a problem, they will most probably let you know and give you the opportunity to correct it. The Ankara consulate does not try and make the process particularly difficult for the applicants, so you can rest assured.
  3. Thank you for this comment, I think it is important to underline that in the end, the decision is up to the consular officer, and it is never a one-size-fits-all type situation. As you said, the very same case may have had a very different outcome in a different consulate. However, when we were applying, we saw zero posts that would be relevant to our situation and just wanted to put this out there for people who may need uplifting information. There are tens of thousands who are in the same boat, who are US citizens but do not have financial or social roots in the country. I wanted for them to see that it is at least possible to do it without a sponsor or without very strong ties to the US.
  4. Yeah, sorry 😄 the beneficiary is a Turkish citizen
  5. Thank you so much, this is a gruelling process only people who go through it can understand. There have been more than one hurdle to overcome, and it is hard to believe we made it through 😅
  6. Hello everyone, We applied for an IR-1/CR-1 visa and our visa just got issued. I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who may go through what we went through and can't find an example. Quick summary: Me and my spouse got married (Jul 2020) and filed an I-130 (Sep 2020). Our case was transferred to NVC in Aug 2021, and we got an interview for April 2022. I am a US citizen, but I have never lived in the US (except for 1 year in 2019) and have almost zero connection to the US. This brings about two major issues: financial requirement to sponsor a green card domicile requirement For the financial requirement: I do not have a US income (or even a US bank account), and my foreign income has been very small due to the exchange rate (about 5-6k). Because of this, we wanted to use assets to meet the financial requirement. We put a little more than 3 times the 125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines ($68k) in a bank account overseas (We placed the bulk of the money in the account just before our initial submission to the NVC, which was 6 months before our interview date, so not 1 year; we also added a letter explaining that the bulk sum was added to the account as a gift from the father of the petitioner). I wanted to place the money in a US bank account, but I couldn't open one from abroad, therefore we opened a bank account in both our names. The guidelines indicate that the required amount is 3 times the 125% HHS-PG for spouses, and 5 times for everyone else. The rule for using foreing assets is that they have to be in the name of the beneficiary spouse, but we opened a bank account in both our names so that we could hopefully benefit from the "3 times for spouses" rule, and also as additional proof that our marriage is genuine. After our initial submission to the NVC, we got a Case FE Review note saying "This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted." Turns out, this is a generic message for everyone who uses assets to meet income requirements. For the domicile requirement: I have never lived in the US other than one year. I do have a social security number, but no bank account, no address, no family, no phone number, pretty much nothing. However, our intention to move to the US has been genuine (this is exemption 3 in the I-864: to intend in good faith to establish domicile in the US after admission of my spouse to the US). To prove this, we supplied tax returns from 2019, 2020, and 2021, my voter registration card, my vote ballot from 2020 elections. Other than these, we reached out and looked for rentals and jobs. We obviously couldn't secure anything since we do not know when we can go to the US without having a visa, but just correspondence can be proof enough. We also included e-mail correspondance concerning the relocation of our pet dog as additional proof. All proof of intent to reestablish domicile was provided after we got an interview date! Not during our initial submission to the NVC. We also included a letter of "Declaration of Intent to Reestablish Domicile", for which I found a template online. We did ask a distant relative if he could possible sponsor our green card in case it's needed, and our plan was to go to the interview without a joint sponsor and to provide a joint sponsor if the consular officer asked for one. And to our surprise, they did not. They were satisfied with our case and granted our visa. So the message of this post is: if you are a US citizen who has weak ties to the US due to having spent most of your life outside the US for any reason, it is possible to get a green card by using foreign assets (in our case, both in the name of the beneficiary and the petitioner) and by showing the consular officer that you do intend to move to the US, even if you never have lived there. Good luck to all!
  7. We were DQ'ed on March 4, got our appointment letter on March 18, and our interview is on April 4, for reference. The petitioner is a Turkish citizen.
  8. I wouldn't worry. To my understanding, you get in queue at the time you submit your first document and even if you add documents later, it doesn't change your waiting time. However, after your documents are reviewed, if you get an RFE and you have to upload more documents then, you return to the end of the line. So the cut-off point is when your documents are reviewed by the NVC.
  9. That's the thing, we did not see anything anywhere. I just noted the date that I submitted, and that became our resubmission date. So we did not have any clue other than knowing the date on which we re-uploaded the document. Yeah exactly. You know the date next to each document on your CEAC page (the date of uploading)? Even after I uploaded a new document on Dec 2, 2021, the submission date remained as Sep 6, 2021. So Dec 2, 2021 became our new submission date, even though it was not specified/visible anywhere on the CEAC page.
  10. Well, the birth certificate said "Rejected" next to it, so we reuploaded that, and it turned to "Submitted". The sumbission date did not change tho, and we kept wondering if we were doing it right. Everything about this process feels like a test of patience.😅
  11. It was pur fault, our government issues two types of documents, one is called an international birth certificate (which we submitted) and another is called population registry (which they list in the Accepted Documents). It's our bad for not properly checking.
  12. We originally submitted our documents to NVC on Sep 4 2021, got a notification that a birth certificate was rejected on Dec 2, 2021 and reaubmitted on the same day. We got DQ'd today! Just wanted to let December 2021 (re)submitters know!
  13. From what I understand from all the posts I've seen, the Case FE review note that you received does not prohibit you from being documentarily qualified. However, you are required to prove that you are financially able to support your beneficiary when they become a greencard holder, and this decision is up to the consular officer. I would still wait to see the DQ email (the title of the e-mail should include the information that you are DQ'd) just to be sure, but the case FE review note should not affect the date of your interview, so you can rest assured. However, you need further financial evidence/a joint sponsor and preparing those before the interview can save you time in order not to delay your visa in case they are requested, depending on your specific conditions, you may not need a joint sponsor but most people choose not to risk it. But you mention that your assets are well above the 5x threshold, so it would appear that you have no reason to worry. To state again, this decision is up to the consular officer and is decided on a case-by-case basis. That's all the info I have, I hope it is of help. Good luck!
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