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  1. Same! I was so damn salty when I found out about those lol I'm also wondering how much they'll upset the average dates with the timelines since they will skew the averages to be mush sooner than usual.
  2. Thanks a lot for the link/clarification HRQX! My wallet and I thank you!
  3. Hey guys, was hoping someone has been through this kinda situation before, or if not then hopefully the collective can help me out with some advice! So myself (the beneficiary) and my Wife met/got married in Japan. We are both leaving at the beginning of next month with her going back to the US and I will be in the UK for the remainder of the visa process. And current NOA2 date is December. I've lived in Japan for over 2.5 years so I know I need a Police Certificate from here at the next stage. But my question is, if I apply and pick one up in the next month, will that be okay for the next stage in the process? As doing it now will save a lot of money in travelling to the Japanese embassy and stuff later on. Thanks in advance for the help/advice! =)
  4. Throwing in to say that NOA1 was dated as 26/04/19 for our I-130. Looking forward to seeing our updates in hopefully 6ish months and not longer!
  5. Thanks for the responses so far! For extra info, we do have a joint sponsor as her parents have agreed to help out in that. And that is the hang up. I tried to think about this over the weekend and unfortunately as she is going back to study we cant claim the short-term work offer. But I would not mind an outside opinion on how they would potentially perceive a DCF application on the grounds of myself wanting to work and help/support her studies financially? Think they would go for that? Or am I kidding myself lol Also, one thing we are both a little unclear on is if we can actually file either petition before she actually moves back to the states? It seems like we can just send it to the Chicago lockbox from overseas and then provided I have my embassy set to London like Wuozopo said, it shouldn't cause any problems as far as I can see?
  6. Hey guys, I’ve been perusing this site since myself (the Brit) and my fiancé (the American) decided to file for the K-1. But we’ve been weighing that up against CR-1 and other potential visas and we were just hoping to get some outsiders perspective on everything. For some background, both of us currently live in Japan. My contract ends in August and I’ll go back to the U.K. afterwards. My fiancé is heading back to Seattle in May as she’s getting ready for a postgrad in August. Currently we see things like this: K-1 will get us together in the States soonest. CR-1 will take longer but I’ll be able to start my work life etc. Much sooner than I would on K-1. DCF - this is something we were really happy to read about since we’re both in Japan and can get the marriage timeline moved up for it, but it doesn’t look like we’d be eligible as she’s heading back to study? So since so many of you guys are veterans of these processes we’d both really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on what steps we should take! Thanks so much in advance!
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