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  1. Wow! I need to join this group. What I wish we knew was the exact info this lucky person laid out above. We have no idea when our case was transferred. Thank you for sending though!
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm just shocked that our case was moved but we had no idea. We were under the impression that we would receive some sort of notice.
  3. Thanks for responding! Did you receive a NOA or any type of notice that your case was being transferred? We didn't know anything. The agent seemed pretty sure that CA only processes Spousal Visas for US Permanent Residents and not US Citizens.
  4. Hi guys. My spouse & I (a US Citizen) are feeling pretty helpless right now. We found out that our case is actually being processed in California (all of our files said Texas). We noticed that a lot of people who filed after us were being approved so we called to enquire. USCIS basically told us that an error has been made because CA don't process I-130's for spouses of US citizens(?). The agent on the phone sent a message to the California Service Centre to alert them of the situation. We were told that our case would likely be moved. But, no. We received a generic reply from the CA service centre saying that they have our case and it should be processed in 6 months (Keep in mind we filed in Sept 2019 so have already waited 8 months). I was born in the US, lived here my entire life. Any ideas of what we can do? We feel like we're stuck in an endless pit of no progress.
  5. Has anyone seen of any movement on spousal visa applications in the past few weeks? We know that USCIS offices are closed, but any info on the current work setup of USCIS employees? Are they working from home? We submitted our application in September 2019 so we are in the window of approval now, but are left wondering if cases are even being looked at right now?
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