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  1. Thank you ! Yes I have brought it up before ! I appreciate you telling me but could not find the emails ! Thanks again .
  2. I appreciate that I got good information 3 to 4 months ago but not able to retrieve it ! I do not see it in my saved e mails !
  3. Yes I see the I-130 for her and yes I thought she has to do it my wife ! But what form do I file for her son the grand child ? Are he is on the same form as the mom under the I-130 ? if I am understanding this wright )))
  4. I would like to bring my daughter in law and child to live with her mother ! We are waiting for green card interview as of now .. The daughter is 25 yrs old and has child of 3 yrs old . What forms do I need to fill out . A I-130 and if this is wright what do I file for her 3 yr old child ? Is their a way to speed this process ? Once my wife gets her green card ? is their any other forms that are different than the I-130 that would be quicker ? As stepfather can I partition her to come to the USA as I am a citizen of the USA ? With child ! If you know what will be the easiest and are the fastest way they can come to the USA ! she is not married .
  5. No payed received running out in February ! I go one site it tell you need to request not to pay again ! Then you come on this site and they tell you , you don’t have to pay go to another it says you don’t have to pay ! Who knows what is the truth ! I did pay the first time it was the I -485 , I -765 , I-131 all together ! Received card waiting for interview ! But running out of time on EAD card so now I have to send the I-765 and I-131 forms back to renew !
  6. Do I need to send 2 separate sets documents for both are one set of documents for both ?
  7. Since My EAD card is running out of time ! What forms do I have to re file again ! I-485 , I-131,I-765 is their any special place I can find information ! Do I have to repay again for another EAD card and I-485 ! is their and sites I can go to ! That has this info ! Am I just filing again ! From start ? Are is there a certain form to file again I-485 and the other forms I filed before
  8. My question is in February it will be one year that we received our EAD card ! What do after this point if we had no interview ?
  9. I would like for my step daughter and her son to visit in USA from Ukraine ! Do I fill the Ds-160 are does she file in the Ukraine the Ds-160 at the us consulate in Kiev to visit ! Do the they charge for the 4 year old ?
  10. Still waiting to hear something ! End of February when we received EAD card ! Still the same thing ! Lol
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