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  1. Hey guys received a I- 794c form about the I-131 Dont know why because 2 wks ago I received the EAD card ! That has I-131 and I-765 ! So why send this now ? What for ? Anyone know ?
  2. Today I received a I-797c from Uscis ! It is currently processing my application for travel !!! But 3 wks ago I received my EAD card already ? you think they should have processed it before sending card ! so my question is ? What is this ?????
  3. 150 days for me ! With one RFE ! This is the I-129f form you are talking about ?
  4. I don’t know ! It states on the paper work that they can refuse ! Just makes me worry
  5. Good to hear ! I will not be traveling with her so I worry ! How long did it take for reentry because I would have to book another flight
  6. So I guess I will move out the country if they don’t let her back in ! I guess I will move to her country if they don’t let her in
  7. No nothing illegal ! Just don’t want to take gamble ! I think if you apply and have card you should be able to travel and not worry ! This puts a question on everything ?
  8. Don’t know if this is the wright forum ! why file for early parole when they tell you they might not let your spouse back in the country when you have a duel card ? This makes no sense to me !!!! My wife wishes to go back home and see her child and mom and dad before starting work !
  9. When will they schedule the Aos interview and what are they looking for in the interview ! Questions ? Documents and such ?
  10. I was asking what do they do on interview ? I know we haven’t had that interview yet !
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