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  1. Actually one says approved but then RFE for more info ! Was received on the 3 rd of June
  2. Nothing to explain ! Wac # 1 was used for my original to notify me info ! And RFE on 5/15 the second one says on 4/25 it was approved ! Different Wac #
  3. Okay now I find a different Wac # saying my case was approved on 4/25 ! The letter I received was on 5/15 a RFE wanting more information? Under my original Wac # I am lost and confused on what they are doing why different Wac numbers ! When I pull the other Wac # it comes up under my profile ! So I have no clue ? For anyone understand this system !
  4. This is taking forever! Next question what is the time in New Hampshire before the send to embassy ? Then how long before her appointment with embassy ?
  5. On my Uscis case status it says they will inform me of their decision on the answer i sent back on the RFE ! My question is do they send by mail are do they post first on my case status ?
  6. Okay ! Thanks Why don’t they do everything at once then send A RFE for everything! Lol
  7. Uscis sent me a RFE I responded and they received on June 3 rd ! Today was checking status and the RFE is gone ! What does this mean to me ?
  8. Checked my status from Uscis today the RFE is gone ! What does this mean ? They received on the 3 rd of June my response !
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