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  1. Ill start to sorry when Feb comes in haha
  2. Greenbaum is ze best! Thanks for the complete info. Haha
  3. Is this myaccount.uscis? It says August 22.
  4. Should i worry that my fiancè never received a hard copy of our NOA1? Since we never knew what our exact notice date is, possibly our NOA1 should be Sept 1st or something. Oh mannnnn
  5. Whoever has the pile for NOA1 Aug22 is seriously a lazy bum haha. Work on it alreadyyyyyyyyy
  6. Please let us know if it really is for Tinder coz we’re on the same boat!😅 hopefully not! I mean, are these people ancient???
  7. carmzzzt

    I’m Epileptic. Will this be an issue with SLEC?

    Appreciate all your responses!:)
  8. carmzzzt

    I’m Epileptic. Will this be an issue with SLEC?

    Didnt ask you of medications whatsoever? Thats great
  9. carmzzzt

    I’m Epileptic. Will this be an issue with SLEC?

    Is having a thyroid nodule gonna be a problem as well? Ugh frikin illnesses
  10. Not sure if any of you here in this forum has been diagnosed with Epilepsy but will this be causing a problem?😅
  11. Oh wow flock of approvals. Congrats everyoneeeeee 😁 NOA1 Aug22 - waiting in vain.😅
  12. Aug 16 NOA1? Wow. Congrats! This is definitely inspiring!:)
  13. The agent who handled our package requested us to submit 2 copies of letter of intent, one from my fiancé and one from me. I even had mine mailed all the way to the US from the Philippines. I think this is still a RapidVisa error. You may wanna have your own checklist of the requirements moving forward than trusting it all to RV. It appears their services depend on the agent assigned.
  14. Oh my. This scared me a little. My fiancé just started his 28 day hitch and won’t be able to attend to any RFE. My my. We’re also with RapidVisa. Pfffft. Any guess what could be the RFE all about?
  15. Well, good news is there are 11 NOA2 approvals for August as of today. Yay