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  1. Were you looking for the February equivalent of this thread?
  2. Yup! it’s not my closest airport but definitely worth the drive for hassle saved later with the pre clearance
  3. Yeah I really hate flying so I’m definitely in the “just get me there” category 🙈
  4. i’d just about pay anything to never do a layover that long
  5. I’ll be doing Dublin to Montana and aiming for just the 1 layover if I can help it. That’s a good point, I just overthink so figured I’d see what the consensus was here
  6. Nope I meant the latter, book a return trip from the UK to US. But cancel the return ticket as I obviously wouldn't be using it. So far the options i've seen haven't been great for either but in the past i've seen one way trips work out more expensive than a return one for me.
  7. Thanks! Good to know round trips aren’t an issue. Gives me better options
  8. Iv been keeping an eye on some potential flights for when the visa is approved and with all the flight talk here I’m wondering if anyone knows if booking a“return” flight will look suspicious over a one way flight? Like will it show lack of intent to stay in the US even though I don’t intend on using the return flight. The one way flights are so expensive in comparison. I don’t plan on booking anything just yet just getting opinions on this.
  9. O-J

    March Interview Dates

    There's still a bunch of March dates open
  10. This may be a dumb question but I’ll be flying in for this interview and want to know if there’s an issue with someone attending with me? I know US petitioners can enter but does the same apply if a family member comes with me? They wouldn’t be attending the actual interview part just sitting with me til I’m done. Thanks!
  11. Already have the interview booked but I received the “Packet 3” letter of instructions from the London Embassy today which is 8 days after them receiving my case. All it contains is a link to their site, case number and visa category. Oh and my town and postcode were misspelt 🙃 The link we are all familiar with by now: https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee-2/the-interview/
  12. This happened to me a few times but I logged out and back in and pressed to go back and review another part of the form then reuploaded the photo and continued and it worked. You’ve probably worked it out by now though. Sorry for the slow reply!
  13. Yeah it’s definitely worth a shot just scanning the physical copy in to see. But I wouldn’t stress too much if it doesn’t work. You just won’t have a photo on your ds 160 confirmation page which you take to the interview but they request you to bring visa photos anyway so you should be good with what you have. Good luck!
  14. Hey just on the photo thing - did you scan in photos you had taken? I needed to increase the resolution when I scanned my photos I got taken in a photo booth. First time I scanned them in they were too pixelated when I uploaded and it said “head size or position relative to image dimensions may be incorrect”. Not descriptive to the actual error which was the quality. Anyway if you don’t have an image when submitting the form it just prompts you to bring one to your interview.