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  1. I meant no NOA2 so far. When USCIS received our response, they updated status online, but it's been 1 month since then and no approval yet.
  2. Exactly the same situation for us. We also didn't make a copy. And yes, we were sure that this box was checked, so this rfe came as a surprise...
  3. Congratulations!! How did you find out? Was your status updated online? We have sent our rfe reply on the 11th April, and still nothing 🙈
  4. We had exactly the same RFE on the 2nd of April. We've sent our response on the 11th of April and still haven't heard anything from uscis.
  5. Congratulations! Did it come in mail or the website updated?
  6. Thank you for your response! Yeah, I have email notifications and my email about RFE came also about 2 p.m. (Moscow time). But, oddly, I didn't get any email when they updated my status to "Your response to rfe was received...", i saw it only when logged in on the new uscis site. So now I don't trust email notifications any more
  7. Congratulations on your approval! Could you tell when (Eastern time) did you get your email notification? Tired of checking my email & uscis website all the day.
  8. Good luck to you! Hope it'll be fast!
  9. It took 17 days for us, we were worried and about to call uscis, but finally we got an update on the site. So it will happen for you, it hasn't been much time yet!
  10. My NOA-1 is in October'18, I've got a RFE at the beginning of April, we sent our response on the 11.04 and it was only yesterday when uscis updated our case status to "Your response to RFE was received..". So not, your case is far from the "longest" ones
  11. Thank you 😊I've already joined one Russian chat, but not one with the dates yet!
  12. Thank you for your response We were about to call USCIS, but today our case status finally updated to "Response received". Hope we all get our approvals soon!
  13. Today our status also updated to "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received", 26 april! It took them 15 dates to receive it...
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