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  1. Final update: Got my green card finally! Goodluck to everyone! 😊
  2. It's updated. Chicago was our field office when I applied my AOS and my interview in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thank you. 😊
  3. Update: Interview: November 14, 2019 Card was mailed to me: November 18, 2019 Card was picked by the usps: November 19, 2019 I tracked it and expected delivery will be this coming friday. ❀️ It's only like 4 months since I applied for AOS. Applied AED and AP but only received application when I track it. 😊😊
  4. Hi guys. We just had our interview. It took like 30 minutes and a lot of questions was asked like how we first met, all from k1 visa until we married. The lady is nice and chatting with us. She interview us together. She didn't say we are approved but told us we will hear for them in 30 days.. but when i checked our status online now it's approved. Finally we can breathe until ROC. She gave us conditional 2 years since we just got married. She gave us the paper instruction for removal of condition. Goodluck to everyone! Will enjoy our time for now. ❀️
  5. Awww. What happened? If you can share to us.. are you from Canada? I lived there for 4 years as immigrant and never had any bad experience with Canadians. I can see the difference now that I live in the states.
  6. Same here but I've got ssn. We don't have utility bills or lease because we live with their parents. I'm hoping that won't be a problem.
  7. Update: I just received mail from mailbox for our interview. It will be next month November 14. Goodluck to everyone. Here's my timeline: Applied AOS with EAD and AP- 07/15/19 FO: Chicago Noa1- 07/22/19 Biometrics- 08/13/19 Case is Ready to scheduled for interview 09/10/19 Interview was scheduled- 10/08/19 Received mail- 10/15/19 Interview- 11/14/19
  8. Update: Checked uscis and it was changed to interview was scheduled. I can't wait for the mail.
  9. Update: I just checked the status and I'm suprised that it's ready to scheduled for an interview. Hoping it won't take long. πŸ˜…
  10. Hi guys. Anyone here live with their in laws? We live with his parent's house for now because the apartment prices here in Hawaii is very expensive. Will that be okay for green card interview? We dont pay anything for the rent and bills. They want us to save first for now so we can have our own soon. Will that be an issue? What proofs we can give incase we dont have bills and lease of the house.
  11. It was very smooth. I should stop thinking too much lol. Hope you too tomorrow.
  12. Update: Fingerprints done. I just showed my passport with my maiden name. They didn't ask for copy of marriage certificate. Took less than 20 minutes. I was worried because my pinky finger was not read properly by the machine because its so dry.. but it turned out okay.
  13. I already ordered 2 months ago.. but until now its not yet shipped from oahu. I live here in maui hawaii. Now I'm worried. I only have ssn card on my husband's name. πŸ˜•
  14. Hi guys. i have upcoming fingerprint this coming tuesday. The problem is my id that I have is my passport, not yet on my married name. will that be a problem? my letter for fingerprint is on my last name. I have only photocopy of marriage certificate since I passed the original in aos.
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