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  1. Maybe they change to a system where it's like this: 80% payment on petition. 20% payment due on adjudication. It would light a fire to get things processed faster. This pay now, and wait forever scheme is horrible.
  2. Good Day! This is a question on behalf of a friend. His wife already completed getting her VISA and got her passport returned to her. They were planning to bring her to the US in the month of March, but then things started to close it was more on the side they wanted to have her say goodbye properly to the family and what not. Fast forward now: Is there any restrictions on travel out of Thailand? I don't see anything. She lives in the Chon Buri province. My personal research in assisting him. I don't see any restrictions. As long as you have a flight ticket out of the country you should be able to leave. I see there's international flights on Korean Air, and JAL out of Thailand. I assume if the tickets are being sold then there's no restrictions on leaving. I am not sure what's happening on the ground. I again don't see any restrictions on travel between the provinces where she lives and the airport. Before he purchases his ticket is there any thing I am missing? I mean honestly if it was my wife I would have gotten her to the airport asap as long as there was flights out. Thank you! He will be monitoring the thread along with me, and I won't respond until he has properly answered any concerns.
  3. We are actually going to hit up a quick road trip to some national parks. We are both off, might as well just go, and isolation on some hikes is great.
  4. Received my wife is happy. Now if only we could both work and she can update her file at work. ( We both work hotels in Orlando)
  5. Dang I guess I got lucky with my agent I was at Day 119 when i chatted.
  6. @og78 You should definitely do a chat request via ask emma (Just say "Chat with a representative") I pretty much just said "I am concerned it's been nearly 120 days nothing's happened, is there something wrong?" and the agent just did some requests and 3 days later it was in production now eventually on the way here
  7. My card wife's card entered the "Card Is Being Produced" phase. Old case status site updated, but not the new one.
  8. Luckily nothings been sent so far. I would have been upset. I did too get a receipt for the AR-11 I just moved in a month ago at my new address.
  9. Seems like the first Service Request was fullfilled. They confirmed the address change. Along with that service request the message stated that the card should be mailed within 30 days. The service request for the 2nd the research part wasn't assigned to an officer yet according to the old case status site, but the first one was accepted, replied, and completed. Crossing fingers for my wife.
  10. I did the live chat on "ask emma" by requesting to speak to a live representative. Agent opened two Service Requests for me. First one was the change of address that never went through despite filing out a AR-11. Even though I am 119 days at this moment. The Agent also created a Service Request to research the delay. So I am hoping now there's a push for some progress. JFK's POE is the worst. I should update the review on this.
  11. I've noticed a pattern of JFK POE immigrants having their cards straight up taking the full 120+ days. Not sure what they do or what they don't do over there.
  12. I guess we both are going to wait till the 120 mark for anything to happen. I just sent them a message since it's already been 100+ days. So hopefully that will trigger some movement. I have since moved, and changed the address using the AR-11 and the profile on myUSCIS.
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