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  1. Hi everyone, yesterday was my interview in federal plaza,Manhattan filled October 2018,K1 applicant.Just received card mailed to me.Finally all set for 2 years.Good luck to all of you waiting.God bless you all πŸ™
  2. Hi,my combo card expires in early March 2020.I asked Emma in uscis website and she answered I should apply 180 days before expiration date. I will apply early October for renewal.
  3. Yes they stamped mine twice. I made 2 trips in 15 days. 😊
  4. Congratulations πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
  5. These documents are required you can use your foreign Driver's license for a year but they don't need that I asked them when I did the application. You are good to go with those documents. When I took the road test the instructor asked me if it was the first time I'm getting the driver license and I told here is the first time but I have a driver license in my country Since 2001.He said you passed and good luck.
  6. I had my passport, SSN ,utillity bill with the us address, us bank statement.If you have EAD bring that with you.
  7. Hi all, today on March 7 new card being produced (EAD).PD October 16 😊
  8. Yes today new card being produced (EAD),finally. PD 16 October. πŸ˜€
  9. I did in Long Island because they don't do it in the city.You can choose whenever you want in NYC.You will make the appointment online and have a lot of choices where amd when.
  10. Welcome Liz,the 5 hours pre-licensing course is required on the road test you can't skip it. It cost 50 $.You need for the road test the permit ,the pre-licensing 5 hours class(MV - 2 7 8). And the appointment letter. This are required from DMV.
  11. Hi Liz,am sharing my experience. I Read the book of New York State Department Of Motor Vehicles Driver's Manual for 4 days and went to DMV and took the learner permit test and passed. Were 20 questions it was very easy after reading the Driver's Manual. Then next week got my permit and did some hours of driving with my husband with his car.I actualy had a driver license from my country since 2001.After I got used with the driving in the city and in FDR went and took a class 5 hours for the NYC pre-licensing 5 hours class(MV-278).Then I called the DMV nr.for the road test and I passed it in early December. Now I have my NYC Driver's license and is issued for 5 years but it says temp. Visitor.After I get the GC have to go to SSA to change the status and then to DMV.Hope this help.πŸ™‚
  12. Oh good Queens office is the fastest in NYC. Good luck 😊
  13. Good luck on your interview. Are you in Manhattan NY ?
  14. Ok I got it.Thank you and good luck πŸ™‚.
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