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  1. They didn’t.Stamped the passport and told us that we’ll receive an answer on 60 days and next day got a notification form I- 485 was approved and next day card being produced.in a week got my green card in mail.
  2. Yes he stamp my passport.No they don’t take your combo card.That is yours until you apply for citizenship.Good luck!🙏
  3. Also divorce degrees for both if married before.Good luck!!🙏
  4. Birth certificate for both of you,naturalization certificate for petitioner, pictures of you with family and friends, a copy of DS 3025,passport copies.
  5. Hi all , I got my 2 year green card a week ago.I have a question we apply for ROC 90 days before 2 anniversary of marriage or 90 days before green card expire ?
  6. Hi everyone, yesterday was my interview in federal plaza,Manhattan filled October 2018,K1 applicant.Just received card mailed to me.Finally all set for 2 years.Good luck to all of you waiting.God bless you all 🙏
  7. Hi,my combo card expires in early March 2020.I asked Emma in uscis website and she answered I should apply 180 days before expiration date. I will apply early October for renewal.
  8. Yes they stamped mine twice. I made 2 trips in 15 days. 😊
  9. These documents are required you can use your foreign Driver's license for a year but they don't need that I asked them when I did the application. You are good to go with those documents. When I took the road test the instructor asked me if it was the first time I'm getting the driver license and I told here is the first time but I have a driver license in my country Since 2001.He said you passed and good luck.
  10. I had my passport, SSN ,utillity bill with the us address, us bank statement.If you have EAD bring that with you.
  11. Hi all, today on March 7 new card being produced (EAD).PD October 16 😊
  12. Yes today new card being produced (EAD),finally. PD 16 October. 😀
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