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  1. This is great! That means you can schedule your own interview as your case got expedited (our case says the same thing after we received the email from the consulate to schedule our interview, it will remain like that). Go to the following website to schedule it (find your embassy first): https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-US/countries_list/iv
  2. Yeah I was only born there and moved to the states when I was a baby and again my dad is american (blonde with blue eyes) the typical “gringo”. I am not a victim blamer but from experience been in the US Air Force and been deployed at foreign embassies it blows my mind how my fellow Americans don’t have common sense when they travel. In regards of your question, did you asked to speak to a supervisor so he/she can escalate your request?
  3. Wow so it seems like is a building problem as it keeps happening there. My dad is american “gringo” as you say and has lived in Colombia por 40+ years, and he has never been robbed (I also have many Europeans and American friends living there and haven’t had many issues). I am also in the US Air Force and was once deployed at the embassy in Bogota and all my fellow “gringo” friends loved it there and never had any issues if they followed common sense. So is either you are not having common sense that it keeps happening to you or is something to do with your building as it keeps happening there. Also having a gun won’t solve the problem. Again I am not saying that Colombia is a “Switzerland” but what happened to you can happen anywhere in the USA. By the way crime rate per capita is higher in NYC than Medellin for example. Good luck! #ColombiaTheOnlyRiskIsWantingToStay
  4. I don’t understand, if they already approved your expedite doesn’t the NVC transfers your case to the embassy so you can schedule your own interview? Our case was expedited and I scheduled my husband interview here at the consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where we currently reside. Sorry this happened to you, but the days of kidnapping for ransom are not as common as they used to be many years back. I am Colombian as well and haven’t heard such things happening in big cities. So I think you need to relax and continue living your life and not be inside your apartment. What happened to you can happen anywhere including in the USA. Good luck to you!
  5. Means is at the embassy and you can schedule your own interview since your case was approved for expedite just like ours.
  6. Since you already have an interview I am assuming that your case is already in the consulate and it’s ready. Now have a drink and celebrate! We all have come this far!
  7. That’s a good sign! For us it went like this: From “at NVC” to “in transit” then to “ready”
  8. Good idea! Call them and see how they will handle that expedite request that is still pending. And if for some reason they cannot cancel it ask them how this can interfere with you process. But again congratulations on your interview date!!! We are almost done with this process!!!!
  9. Congratulations!!!! 🍾 Did you ever heard back about your expedite? Hope it doesn’t interfere with your interview scheduled by the NVC as I have heard stories that if the embassy approves an expedite then they will cancel what ever the NVC did. I might be wrong but maybe you should call and check with the NVC about what’s going to happen with your expedite request.
  10. Did you applied for expedite? If you did that means it got approved and now the embassy is taking over. Same thing happened to us and the next day we got the NVC email saying our expedite was approved and also an email from the consulate to schedule our own interview.
  11. That is correct. We got expedited and we scheduled our own interview and only after the embassy confirming it was “ready” on the CEAC tracking and getting the email from the embassy. Also the link we got from the consulate to schedule our own appointment was this one (need to select country specific): https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-US/countries_list/iv
  12. UPDATE on my husband medical exams mentioned above. So we are again pleasantly surprised how fast the medical exam is done here in São Paulo, Brazil. We just got all the results online and thank god everything came back negative! Can’t believe all the results came back in less than 24 hours! Now we just need to pick up the sealed envelope from the doctor tomorrow.
  13. My husband had his medical exam today. I went with him and I was happy how organized is here in São Paulo, Brazil. The doctor examined his body (only on his underwear) and then prescribed the following shots and exams below (my husband was not able to provide shot records as he lost them): 1. One combined shot for measles, mumps and rubella. 2. One combined shot for tetanus, diphtheria toxoids. 3. Flu shot. 4. Urine text for gonorrea 5. Chest X-Ray for tuberculosis 6. Blood test for syphillis We were able to get everything done within a couple of hours. Since our interview is not until July 29th, he said that he will get all the results by the middle of next week and will review them with us to make sure everything is in order before he seals them and put them in a secured envelope for us to take to the interview. The lab will also be emailing us the results for us to review by end of this week before the doctor gets the hard copy results next week.
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