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  1. Status just changed to “Card was mailed to me” on my EAD!!🎉🎉 AP still just says case approved and it hasn’t moved, but it’s not like I can leave the country right now anyway lol. I didn’t get a tracking number in the update, but it should be in this week!☺️
  2. My EAD/AP was approved on the 27th, but has not yet been mailed. My EAD status has moved back and forth from New card produced to case approved back to new card produced. I really hate to complain and worry, seeing as there are people still waiting for their approval, but most cards get mailed within like four days. It's been over a week for me. I'm scared my physical card will get stuck at the office if they shut down completely.
  3. Congrats!!🎉 Did your status ever change to “card mailed”? I was approved for both on the 27th, but I haven’t heard anything yet😞
  4. Both EAD and AP changed time Case approved today!😁 As you may know my EAD changed to “new card is being produced” yesterday, but nothing happened to my AP yesterday. I thought case approved came before the “ New Card is being produced” update? So what does that mean for my physical card?
  5. NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED on EAD!!😭❤️ I hope it’s not a mistake, but I’ve triple checked. I cried and ran around the house. This is proof that they’re still working as of March 26th, so keep your heads up best you can! Good luck to all of us!!
  6. I've noticed that too. It says on their website that they'll continue processing cases like normal, but it sure doesn't seem like it. Does anyone know if USCIS adjudicators can still telecommute (work from home)? I'm okay with waiting for my green card, but I know we are all anxiously awaiting that EAD/AP. Almost feels like life is on hold😓
  7. Ugh I'm so sorry, that sucks! 😫Were they honest with you about having lost it? Or did they ask you for it during the interview? I've lost my DS-3025 and I've been worried about that, but I don't think they'd accept a photocopy anyway(that had time to be altered) of just vaccinations if they've lost the whole medical. How much is it to have it done here? (I know it varies) It is shameful that you have to pay hundreds of dollars now because of their screw-up!
  8. Well I know people get updates on the weekends, I have before. So I figured it was the same for the EAD and that there would've been some approvals today. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Have you guys noticed that there haven’t been any EAD approvals on VJ since the 13th?? Which of course this only applies to VJ applicants and is dependent on people filling their timeline out. I might be wrong, but I checked on the EAD page for immigration timelines. I’m so scared that USCIS will temporarily stop working on applications. My husband went down on hours because of the virus so I could reeeaally use that EAD right about now. I’m not trying to freak anyone out, I’m just dying for someone to prove me wrong😅
  10. That sounds good! And did you file anything medical-related when you sent your application in? And she didn't ask for your DS-3025 or anything? And congrats btw!!🎉
  11. Hi! I filed for AOS (based on a K1) in November and tonight my status changed to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" which is very exciting! So now I'll make sure I have everything for my interview. My question is: do I need to bring a DS-3025 to my interview? I didn't receive a copy when I did my medical. It was just put in my sealed envelope and sent to USCIS. I haven't gotten an RFIe regarding my medical, which should mean that they have my medical documents.
  12. Just to double check: we won’t have to bring I-693 to the interview right? I didn’t receive any papers at my medical (done in June 2019, so less than a year ago), it was all sent directly to the embassy and then I got a packet in the mail that I handed to the POE officer. I’ve read everywhere that K1’s who have done a medical within a year are exempt. Anyone who had their interview recently who can confirm this?
  13. CASE IS READY TO BE SCHEDULED FOR INTERVIEW!!! I’m most concerned about the EAD at this point, but I understand it like the I-485 has to be at this stage for the rest to progress. Very excited to see progress. Definitely did my happy dance!😄
  14. USCIS drives me insane!!🤣 How does that even make sense? Well I guess they REALLY don't want people to know what's going on😅
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