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  1. If anybody is looking there are dates available for December now!
  2. Hey everyone! Has anybody heard if December dates have been made available yet or when they might be opened up? Thanks so much!
  3. Yes this is the best place to do that. Once somebody finds out please do let people know in this thread so we can all get appointments soon. Has anybody got a December appointment yet?
  4. @SPRF did you get any more info on the expired noa2? Have you had your interview yet?
  5. @NikLR I’m likely going to be on implied status for the interview in Canada with a pending work permit extension. Will they need the new work permit or could I show recent pay stubs and my application for work permit extension? Thanks!
  6. Anybody have any difficulty with proof of status in their country of residence. I am currently in between work permits (original expired and new one is still pending) where I can still work while waiting on decision on new one in Canada. If I bring the old work permit, my application receipt for the new permit and recent pay stubs, will I be asked anything further on my status or go into AP until my new work permit comes through?
  7. @Greenbaum Do you know how long the transfer of a case from one embassy to another (in different country) generally takes? Will this be risky in terms of the noa2 expiry date or is that automatically extended? I’m struggling to find much information on this so any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m planning on transferring from Canada to Ireland and my case is currently at the Montreal consulate.
  8. Hi, I'm currently living and working in Canada on a work permit which expires in November. My case has left for the Montreal consulate and I have only recently discovered that I will need to prove my status in Canada in order to proceed. In order to keep status in Canada I have applied for PR which gives me the right to apply for a work extension, both of which will take 4 months to process. Once my current work permit is up I will be on implied status which allows me to keep my current status however this is just implied and I dont have an actual document or new work permit that explains / states this. My question is: - has anybody been in this situation before where you have had to prove implied status and if so how have you done this? - would I be better off requesting a transfer to my home country and proceeding that way? If so, what are the delays involved? Thanks so much!
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