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  1. Also - they gave him back his passport and told him to send it in with the documents that they requested. Just to clarify - Included 3 years of tax transcripts, four years of w2s, the letter from my boss and my tax return from 2018. Neither of us have ever been married. Neither of us have ever applied for a visa before.
  2. @Greenbaum & @Sarge2155 According to my fiance, the officer never requested to see the binder or any of our evidence. So weird. I did include in the binder as well as in my initial packet (I-129F) bills/invoices for each of my trips to visit him and his name was included on some of those receipts. I included several pages of pictures of us including some with friends and family members in various places. I wrote on the back of each picture, for example - Trip 1 2/28 - 3/3 Miguel and Stephanie xyz restaurant with Miguel's Mom, cousin and sister etc etc. I included documents and receipts for wedding plans as well with both of our names on those invoices. I included w2s, tax transcripts, letter from my boss confirming my salary and likelihood of employment. I included 30+ pages of messages between him and I, his mom and I, his sister and I, his cousin and I. I also included at least 25 pages or more of screenshots of social media posts. Engagement announcements/pictures. Those are just a few of the things that were included in my almost 7 pound binder.
  3. Thank you, but how can I possibly produce those documents when we are not married, we do not live together and we do not live in the same country? That's basically setting us up to be denied and that is not acceptable.
  4. Hi Guys, Our interview was this past Monday. Unfortunately, he had to attend alone as I was not able to get time off of work. It has turned into such a mess. He basically panicked at the interview and we got the dreaded 221G. Ugh. They are requesting 5 documents from us. Three of them he had right there in the binder, but his nerves got the best of him. The lady interviewing him did not even ask to see the binder? Anyway, she asked him a ton of questions and at the end she gave him the white paper. He called me right after the interview and I told him to go back and try to show her the proof, but they would not let him. They told him he had to mail the documents in via MBE. So he went directly to MBE and sent in every single document and photo from our binder (everything but the actual binder!). The documents arrived on Tuesday. I wouldn't be too worried except for the fact that two of the five documents that the Officer requested do not even pertain to a K1 Visa!!!! The Officer asked for 1. Joint bank account statements and 2. Bills or Invoices with both of our names listed on them That's not even possible!!! I am so stressed out. I have called and emailed and called and emailed and no one will give me any information or explain to me why we are being asked for documents that pertain to a CR1. I am so worried that we will be denied because we did not send in all of the documents that the Officer requested. We did include a note with the packet that we sent to the Embassy explaining that we are happy to provide any documentation they request but we simply cannot supply those two documents because we are not married and he does not live here and that is the entire reason we are requesting a K1!!!!! I am feeling so stressed and a little hopeless...
  5. I’m not going anywhere! Gonna post my wedding pictures here too 😂😂😂
  6. I'm so stressed.. I ate a lot of Taco Bell today. *hangs head in shame*
  7. I think @Greenbaum made that )!@$ up to watch us all go crazy while trying to use it hmph.
  8. I'm just going to throw my computer out of the window and forget about all of this. I'M SO OVER ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!! Gaaaaaaaaah!!!!! lol
  9. It's still not working *()$%&*()TUIH$%$%$%$%@*()@#$$#()@*
  10. Go ahead and laugh at my mental instability LOL. Good grief I need this ####### to be over soon!
  11. Sometimes I really feel like I should not be left unsupervised haha
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