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  1. I notice your timeline says it left the nvc in May did it take 6 months for a k1 interview after that when I paid my vac it gave me option to pick a date
  2. Thanks how long after the nvc had case did the status change to ready for you?
  3. So I’m wanting to make sure we are doing this correctly, so I reposted, We Called received case/invoice # from nvc I submitted ds-160 and paid the 265$ vac fee and set appointment for biometric and embassy interview a month apart. Is this the correct steps for this country we never received a letter or email from nvc,, And when I track case it just says “at nvc”
  4. So we’re suppose to scheldule interview before the consulate receives the case? My case just says at nvc
  5. Called nvc and got the case/invoice number. The country is Dominican Republic. When I track the case it just says at nvc, we completed the ds -160 and I clicked the link where it says to pay fees but it never gives us a option to pay anything when do or where do we pay fees for k1 I-134?
  6. I do have receipts but They are all in Spanish do I have to translate all of them? I will use recent conversations then thanks
  7. We are tying to complete our packet and evidence we are using, photos together boarding passes on airline, and passport stamps, and was planning on using Skype call logs/chat but now Skype only has like latest week worth of messages saved anyone know how to retrieve past logs,, Or is this needed. Dominican Republic
  8. So I my fiancé had her passport required photo took and, I brought the pictures back with me after visit , and then had mine done at CVS. And realize hers are 2 millimeters smaller in Height than mine, I know it’s a very small difference and a chance of it not being noticed, but need opinions on what you would do.. I would have to wait for her to have them re took and mailed to me is other option.. the photos are good just that size I attached photo next to tape measure
  9. So on the application it asks for address I’m confused on how to write this I know street name and city but “Pueblo Nuevo”which is inner part of city not sure where to put it.. project #00 house #00 —— street name Pueblo Nuevo — sector san cristobal— city Dominican republic — country
  10. Thank you yes we met once 2 weeks ago but communicated through Skype 4 months prior with text records, she is from Dominican Republic, I traveled to meet here and kept pictures recipts, boarding passes etc, yes the form looks pretty straight forward would, I include my ex spouse on the affidavit of support even though we are divorced? Since she is a green card holder and the support on the form lasts 10 years? I was thinking to go back and visit again for more evidence if needed I was reading on this. Thank you for reply
  11. Sorry yes I am a u.s citizen I previously married a foreigner in the us on a tourist visa but it ended in a divorce, I am wanting to remarry with k1 visa process this time
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