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  1. Unfortunately the embassy is still not processing immigrant visas. No one knows the timeframe, not even the embassy.
  2. Saw a news article online: "The Embassy of the United States in the Dominican Republic reported today that consular services, including student visa applications, continue to be suspended...this closure includes all routine immigrant and non-immigrant visa services." Looks like we continue to wait.
  3. two for each beneficiary
  4. I was looking at the link under Ir1/Cr1 Marriage Visa process and a few things have changed. Here's a screen shot of the current NVC process per ceac: IV Fee is $325 AOS Fee is $120 Once the fees are excepted then it shows "paid" and "incomplete" for the applications. Then the applications are ready to be filled out and submitted. When you upload documents, it gives you a pull-down list of categories to assign to the upload. If they require more documents, they send an email to notify you that you have a message, so you'd go pack to this portal, log in and see "messages". Be patient while waiting to open message, as it takes a minute or two to appear. I submitted the most recent tax transcript, which was 2018 since my 2019 taxes hadn't been processed yet. There was a space for me to add a comment to explain why. For the Civil Documents: There has been a lot of debate about the photos required. I read that in the Dominican Republic passport type photos are taken at the medical exam for the embassy. So I submitted a few wedding photos instead. The process is similar with my husbands minor children who are immigrating with him. They had their own page like his to pay IV fees and upload documents. The AOS applies to all three who are immigrating at the same time, so that is only paid once. The children also had the same documents to upload minus the police certificate because they are both under 16 years old. I uploaded photos of each child with their father and brother.
  5. Good to know. I filed jointly in February of this year too, along with the ITN application, which only allowed us to paper file. Received ITN but still waiting on my taxes to be processed.
  6. It was my understanding the stimulus check was based on your most recent tax return filed. For me, it was last year's 2018 tax return where I filed single. We got married in June 2019, so I filed jointly/married this year, using an ITN for my husband. However, IRS hasn't processed our tax return yet, so I got a stimulus check for a single person.
  7. My husband, in the Dominican Republic, went to a place to have his passport photo taken and they sent them to me via email. When they arrived, they weren't the correct size. I downloaded a passport photo app to my phone which allowed me to adjust the size and put multiple photos on one page. then I uploaded the photo to Walgreens online and printed it there for a few cents. The app will also guide you to take your own passport photos based on USA requirements.
  8. There is nothing to report. No one knows when the embassy will open. The country is barely open for business. It only seems reasonable that the actual embassy will know when it will reopen for immigration processing before a member of the public would. No amount of searching and asking the same question over and over will get you an answer any faster.
  9. You can also check the embassy website for updates and they also have a Facebook and Twitter account. We are at the NVC stage waiting to be approved and scheduled for an embassy appointment. I figure there's a 3 month backlog of folks ahead of us, so I am just trying to be patient. Meanwhile, airports in the D.R. are reopening to some flights and my husband will come for a visit in August or September.
  10. My best guess at the difference between the two charts: "IV Issuances by FSC or Place of Birth and Visa Class = the country of the intending immigrant "IV Issuances by Post and Visa Class = Post or Embassy (city) the visa was issued Some people may be from one country, but obtain their visa from another due to their location.
  11. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html This website takes you to immigrant visas. May 2020 is available. I think the visa categories are more specific.
  12. Statistics are available online: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/annual-reports/report-of-the-visa-office-2019.html
  13. We had a similar situation in the Dominican Republic. Rural towns don't have house numbers or even street names. They rarely receive mail, but whoever delivers the mail will most likely know them or the family. Often, mail is delivered to one location in the village/town and they pick it up there. I ended up putting the street address as "road with Maria de Hostas School", the town and the province. There was no postal code so I checked "unknown". Whatever you choose, keep it consistent on all the forms.
  14. I am glad someone out there is asking that question. My husband is immigrating with his two boys, ages 7 and 11 years old. There doesn't seem to be a lot of input from VJ members bringing kids, both during the process and afterwards. It would be nice if we could keep this thread going with experiences and suggestions. ESL class is mandatory where my kids will be going to school. We also live in a school district with the most minority students, 6-8% Latino, which is not much but hopefully they will have other kids to speak Spanish with, that is if school restarts.
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