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  1. Medical exams are walkin and first come first served. No appoinments possible
  2. I got just my fiances visa and she will fly to the us june 2. Shoot me an email at Rob.bostick@gmail.com
  3. The dates on visa journey have been longer than what it took for me and several others recently. The anecdotal trend jas been even fater times to noa2s. I would trust the estimate
  4. I have a couple of quick questions regarding the affidavit of support in preparation for my k-1 visa interview in the dominican republic - I want to confirm that the correct affidavit of support is the I-134, not the I-864 - I want to confirm that the document is brought to the interview and not filed anywhere prior to the interview - I want to confirm the required supporting documentation (w-2s and tax returns (or transcripts) for the last three years; last three months of pay stubs; letter from employer; bank account information) Thanks for your help visa family. Cheers. Rob
  5. Please add me in. (Edited to remove personal info)
  6. Thanks for your response. I am new on the site and thought i had read everything in this thread. Please let me know the best way to connect with the Dominican Republic Forum and not ask questions that have already been answered. Cheers. Rob.
  7. Yeah, they told me up to 8 weeks on the 2nd of April. I called back today and they had the number. Talk about sandbaggin'!!
  8. Hey everyone, thanks for your participation on this thread. The information is great. I just have few questions. I just got my NVC case number and invoice number today. I completed the DS-160 and have the confirmation. I plan to pay the visa fee and then schedule the interview for May 15th. This will give the embassy in santo domingo time to get the file. Here are my questions. - what is the fee for the medical exam. the website says about $275 and less for a child under two. My Dominican fiance called one of the two recommended medical examination firms and they quoted a price of $465 and $485 for the kid under two! Is this correct? any help would be appreciated. - Which Medical exam company do you recommend - How long does it take to get a medical exam scheduled - How long does is the police report good for - How long is the medical exam good for - how many passport photos each are needed for the medical and biometric exams Thanks for so much for your help. This site is the best!!
  9. I thought the estimate was really optomistic given what I had read elsewhere. i was shocked when my petition was approved in just 115 days and beat the visa journey estimate. I think you all are going a great job!!
  10. Hey Everyone, I got my NOA2 on March 14. I have completed my DS-160 but I am waiting to submit it until I get notification from the NVC that they have received my file. Anyone know how long it is taking for NVC to receive the file from USCIS (is there a number I can call or address to where I can send an email to check on the status)? Based on looking at other timelines I surmised the following: - it's taking about 21 days for the NVC to recieve the file and then another day to assign a case number - The embassy in the Dominican Republic is booking interviews about 35 days out - It takes about 2 weeks for medical results to make it to the embassy - I will need to have my dominican fiance book the biometric appointment a week or so before the k-1 interview Your help is very much appreciated. Cheers. Rob.
  11. Thanks. What documents are mailed to the alien fiance anyway? I read that the us consulate uses mail boxes etc. for passport documents after the visa is issued
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