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  1. Hi. I remember it was sent few days after your approval. Have u called uscis/nvc recently?
  2. I can Imagine how stressful it is. Would definitely be reviewing ours like crazy too.lol. Yay, you finally did it. Oh, and regarding the names on the IDs and documents. That's what I was discussing with my husband too, even before. His second name is only the initial in some of his IDs and papers. I kept mentioning it to him but he said it's common there. I hope we won't have any problem with it
  3. Have you tried calling USCIS? Keep trying. 🙏🏼 Hope you guys will recve good news soon.
  4. Oh thank you 😊 appreciate it. Thats what we can only do for now, get our estimated date and be anxious and excited at the same time lol
  5. Thank you 🙏🏼 😍 how many days after approval did you receive the mail?
  6. Yes you could definitely ask about that and ask why the name was updated. Just tell them all your concerns. I actually just found out about that 60day status change later on. You should choose—-OTHERS—NOT to check the status of your case—because this only will give you automated one from the website Then, Services and Information of US Citizen(not sure if i remember it right) Press 5 For Spouse-Press 3 Customer Service Rep -Press 6 just give this a try. Hoping you will hear your good news soon. 🙏🏼
  7. We said We tried to expedite and got denied last aug19. The other website shows expedite denied but last updated was aug20 and my uscis account shows the usual that they received it and asked which website is more reliable or if somethings wrong or maybe they left our case behind since it was expedite denied. And my husband also mentioned there were filers got approved ahead of us. We prepared our questions and explained in the beginning of the call. After my husband finished talking she put him on hold to check our case. And thank God good news. I’m not sure though if the expedite that was denied somehow helped. 🙏🏼 Hope you get yours soon too. We are still waiting for the mail and the website doesnt show any updates.
  8. We just called earlier today at 4pm. Gave some info then she puts my husband on hold to check our status. When she spoke again she said it was already approved! Thank God! I cried so hard to hear that news! No updates on websites. She said we should be getting the mail in a few days. Sent/PD: March28, 2019 NOA1: April 2, 2019
  9. Can the beneficiary speak to the USCIS agent? Which option to do you choose for you to do that when you call? My husband, the USC petitioner busy working during office hours. Thank you.
  10. Well with my parents’ case those were really the reason, two seniors who wanted to visit the son for vacation. And right, the letter was only brought during interview. they did not stay there by the way. Sorry if you guys thought my message was misleading. The admin can just delete it if they like. No worries.
  11. Thank you. Yes, waiting patiently here. Lurking here everyday. lol I think she can re-apply after several months. But it would be great if you guys can come together. Keep the faith.
  12. Sorry to hear about your mom's. Do you have other family members in the US? I suggest they make a letter that they will tour your mom there for a vacation, itinerary, and that she will stay there etc. My parents both retired and in their 60's applied for tourist visa 2-3 years ago, no bank statements, no properties, just a letter from my brother and his taxes and cert of employment. Maybe this will help, not sure. Just try again. Good luck. Not sure if you remember me, still waiting for my CR1 NOA2
  13. CR1 is much better than K1. K1 is just faster but u will still deal with more papers and fees after.
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