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  1. Quick question, and probably not the right post to add it on, but my husband has been here a couple weeks now and we got his social security card yesterday. Can he start working with that and his visa or does he have to wait until he gets his green card?
  2. Not for thanksgiving sadly.. He will be here this weekend though. But our thanksgiving will be the traditional.. turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn, rolls, veggies and pies
  3. Our case just changed in the last hour from “Refused” to “Administrative Processing” 🤞🏻
  4. Yes! We have already submitted everything (same day). They have updated or accessed our case today, so just waiting for an update. Stay positive! Email them.. sending positive thoughts and prayers of blessings your way!
  5. The joint sponsor is his cousin, born and raised in US, 31 years old, college graduate, real estate assistant, makes about $40k, single, no dependents. It is just my husband we have applied for. My husband took a few pictures with him. Yesterday after the interview I sent them about 30 more pictures, including separate times I had been over to see him, screen shots from our video call as well as showing him talking to my kids and playing with them with screen filters, and then sent a picture of my passport pages showing the times I visited him. The last time was mid march to April 1st, right at the spike of COVID.
  6. They refused his visa saying that his sponsor doesn’t make enough.. his cousin makes more than enough.. over $35,000 who has no dependents and is single. Then states he has to provide proof of our relationship when he took out marriage certificate and pictures! Ugh we expected him here this weekend before thanksgiving
  7. Interview tomorrow for my husband. I will be anxiously waiting and constantly checking status.. let the nail biting begin!
  8. At NVC stage, yes.. that was approved and sent to the Embassy back in July. So we waited 3 month to get an interview appointment.
  9. That doesn’t necessarily need to be paid before entrance, just sooner paid the sooner you get his green card. You won’t get the green card from USCIS until that fee is paid.
  10. You don’t have to wait 6 months. You can leave the day you get your visa.
  11. The Embassy website usually updates their COVID-19 info weekly (Tuesdays), yet this week there is no update. 🤔
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