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  1. It’s a pretty long story. I don’t have words either. It makes me angry.
  2. She’s in the process of removal of conditions, and just filed her n-400
  3. My coworker came in as a K1 and the children followed to join as K-2s the children are both 13 and 9 and were both 8 and 5 at the time of marriage. as for their I-94 their mom doesn’t even know what that is
  4. So my Coworkers kids have been here since October 2018 My coworker has not adjusted their status yet and have since lost their passport which contained their visa page. what is the best course of action in this situation?
  5. So a few weeks ago my IR-5 cases were moved over from NVC to US Embassy Manila by way of expedite. Last week I made an inquiry to the immigrant visa unit regarding my parents’ schedule and I was directed to make an appointment using the UsTraveldocs website. Since then I have checked ever hour of every day and it says the same thing, “No available appointments.” Should I have just waited for NVC to schedule their appointment instead of expediting? According to the call center agent for US visa information and scheduling they’re only opening up a certain number of IR-5 interview slots at a time. Should this be a cause for worry? I feel like I should have just bit the bullet and waited the 2-3 months after I was DQ’d for NVC to schedule the appointments.
  6. For anyone that received an RFE did you have to fall back in line and wait again?
  7. The NVC just requested extra supporting evidence for wages earned in 2021. I just uploaded the specific documents. How long will it take them finish reviewing? Will the RFE set the clock back? I originally sent in the AOS package back on the 25th of June.
  8. Or just any I-130 petition in transit to NVC for that matter
  9. For those who were approved IR-5 at the USCIS stage recently, how long did it take for NVC to receive your case? I looked at some timelines and I see for some it took 3-7 days. My mom and dad’s case was actively reviewed June 3, 2022 I checked the documents tab on the USCIS website and I saw the I-130 approval letters the same day. Although I did not receive the email notification about the approval until June 6, 2022. Little rusty with the process. It’s been 4 1/2 years
  10. For anyone under the jurisdiction of USEM that got expedited at the NVC how long did it take for them to send you an email with your interview letter? How long from the day your expedite was approved, interview schedule date given, and interview day?
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