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  1. This may signify they are sending you the request to submit passport. This is exactly what happened to our other India/USA couple and same happened to us. Just look out for the email or call to go pick up "passport".
  2. The beneficiary will get the email. It's whatever email or phone number you provided on the ds-160. If you selected delivery then most likely someone will call you. If you chose pick up, you'll get an email.
  3. Hi! When they approve your case they will email or call you to submit your passport. We submitted our 221g on Jan 25th and our ceac changed dates 2 days in a row. Still under AP. Unfortunately our case had a major glitch because they had sent us an email that our passport was ready for pickup on Jan 29 and again Feb 2 but when we would call they would say it's a glitch. So PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to every email and question them! We sent an email on Feb 13 and got a reply on 14th that we did have a packet at the embassy. We went on 15th and there it was the request to submit our passport. We submitted passport on 15th. Our ceac updated 19th 20th and on 21st it changes to Non immigrant and on 22nd it changed to issued. On 25th our passport tracking site changed to being delivered and 26th we picked up our visa.
  4. Hi! We can tell you what we did personally. Every case is unique. Do bear in mind India is a high fraud country so it's best to try and prove your case from jump. 1 We both wrote individual intent to marry letters. I mailed my copy to him. I have heard of others signing the letter in blue ink and email a scanned copy. 2 we submitted a good size packet for i129f. Although chat and call logs or communication aren't required per what others say, we submitted photos, proof of visit, pictures, anything from our trips to see each other including chat logs and call logs. 3 Yes 4 Yes list any job and it's date. If no other then nothing else to do. 5 Yes where they currently reside/live 6 We left it blank (we put n/a) because my fiance speaks English.
  5. Same with us. We submitted our documents on Jan 25th and they approved on Jan 29th and requested our passport on Feb 2nd.
  6. Then all that's left is to wait. Keep checking your ceac status. And your passport tracker too. They both should change. For us it went from AP to Non immigrant to issued. Then the passport tracker changed from passport is with embassy to preparing for shipping to ready for pick up. Stay positive and best wishes bhai!
  7. Did you take more proof of relationship to the interview? If so submit that. We submitted what we took to the interview and the things I just mentioned. We also included some more chats and call logs. Nothing more.
  8. Yes that's what we got. We filed k1. For shared finances we turned in money transfer between each other. It passed. For wedding vendors I went and got 3 basic photographer quotes, I didn't purchase anything. I just asked for their price sheet. I turned it in and it passed. For a guest list I simply got a white sheet of paper wrote names of people who know of both of us their name and phone number only, that's all we submitted for guest list. It passed.
  9. Each case is different but my suggestion is the sooner you submit the better.
  10. I'm older than my husband. That doesn't matter. As long as you have everything needed to prove your case.
  11. We filed our visa with no lawyer no rapidvisa no help. We got a 221g requesting more proof of relationship and upon submission we were approved in 3 days. It's all about reading! I'm glad that these posts help others because when we dis receive our 221g there were not much about 221g. I don't know if people are shy or ashamed to post about them.
  12. Make sure first and foremost that you meet poverty guidelines. If you do, it could very well be that they are missing documents from you. They won't proceed if anything is missing even if you meet poverty and are missing documents.
  13. What we submitted for "wedding plans" was 3 quotes from photographers. We never sent anything that showed paid for. On a piece of paper we wrote names and phone numbers of people we might invite to our wedding.
  14. That's what we did since they didn't have the proof we took to the interview on hand, we just printed more chats and call logs and turned them in with what we took to the interview. That passed.