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  1. Got an rfe for i693.Already added original rfe and i693 and cover letter.what else needs to be added. Second question- i693 is ticked as "maybe available for a blanket waiver " and not "vaccination complete " is that normal? Our medical surrendered at poe was lost,we were told at the aos interview. Plz help
  2. Sent aos package i485,i131,i765 adjusting from k1 visa.Interview scheduled for i485 but there hasn't been any movement on i765 and i131,they still show "case received ".Is that normal ?
  3. I had my medical exam for k1 visa this February i.e. Feb 2021,Do I need to fill the i693 form? Got all the required vaccines too.Help!
  4. Already done biometrics done for i485 and the status for that says that "interview has been scheduled" but i131 and i765 still show "the case was received".what could be the reason ? Anyone with similar experience or knowledge reply plz.
  5. What documents need to be taken with for a biometrics appointment for aos from k1 visa ? Do I need to carry marriage certificate and birth certificate ? Beneficiary being a female, her last name is diff on the passport i.e.last name change after marriage. Please help
  6. Got my biometrics appointment, what documents is needed to be carried on the date of the appointment, beneficiary is female.Any other helpful tips relating to biometrics appointment as very welcome . Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot for the detailed response, I guess we just wait for the notice for biometrics appointment. Yes,I have applied for EAD AND AP COMBO TOO,was just curious about the next steps we needed to take, if any.
  8. What is the next step after getting noa for aos from k1 visa, do I schedule myown biometrics or does uscis do it for me own biometrics appointment? If I have to do it myself then what is the appropriate time for it?
  9. Uscis didn't send the check back to me,USPS DID,after it being lost and later intercepted, that package never reached uscis, we send a second one in the meantime with check number 128 and put a stop payment on 123.I was asking if I need to cancel the stop payment on 123 to avoid any confusion when uscis tries to cash 128.
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