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  1. Yeah, and the delay to being with loved ones is due to COVID restrictions, obviously. If you're scared of the virus, stay home. Otherwise, people have freedom to live their life. In my opinion the restrictions were not about the virus - they were about control. And all Canada has done for the past 14 months is criticize the US for the theoretically high COVID cases. It's been incredibly irritating. Why do we even let Canada be its own country. What a joke of a country Canada is.
  2. Why don't Canadians protest these ridiculous policies like hotel quarantine? Do they not value freedom? I don't get it. Just because there's a so-called virus everyone's like, "Yes, please take all my freedoms away indefinitely." If only restaurants, gyms, and other so-called "non-essentials" would have just collectively refused to close. Whatever.
  3. Canada has been absolute tyrant all through COVID, whatever the Hell COVID really is.
  4. 2020 Potomac Filers: If you are waiting for approval still, can you please reach out to your Senators/Congressmen, and ask them to inquire about the huge disparity in I-130 processing times between service centers? If USCIS hears a lot of complaints from Senators' offices regarding the unfair processing time at Potomac, maybe this will nudge them to make processing times more fair. Please don't persecute me. I'm trying to help.
  5. Yes it’s ridiculous, we can’t take it anymore, the processing time for the  I130 or the cr1 was supposed to be 5-8 months and with the consulates closed one is not being processed and the other one takes 11-15 months! Which at this pace mine would be June and I haven’t even received a second notice and the nvc has no record yet. So since im a Canadian resident I am seriously thinking about just staying for a few months to see if gets processed but if not we are going to move across, leave everythingIn a storage unit and use my 6 months stay in the US to Wait there... And when I finally get  the appointment Drive to Toronto or Montreal. 


  6. I completely feel your pain. I am a similar situation here in Canada, and really want to move back to US with my husband. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, and other delays have made this situation incredibly difficult to navigate. USCIS is certainly being unfair, with some service centers processing much faster than others. The purpose of shuffling cases between service centers was supposed to balance the load, not make one service center much slower than all the others. This family-based immigration system is incredibly inhumane, and the media pays no attention to it. Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you (I don't even have advice for myself), but I just wanted to say I really, really feel your pain, and truly hope your situation gets better. I see you are Pittsburgh. I'm from Pittsburgh, and my entire family lives there still.
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