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  1. For Jan 2019 fillers only... looks like we will be waiting for another year.
  2. I-130 Approved from TSC on: 06/06/19 NVC Welcome Letter dated : 01/28/20 Paid IV Fee: 01/31/20 USCI I-601A Received: 03/09/20 I-601A Notice Date: 03/18/20 Paid AOS Fee: 05/22/20 Civil Documents & DS-260 Submitted: 06/02/20 Currently awaiting an approval from the I-1601A and/or any news on National Visa Center...
  3. I figured I should start a thread for the 2020 fillers! We have a long way to go according to the USCI Processing Times. I-601A USCI Received Date: 03/09/20 USCI Notice Date: 03/18/20 Potomac Center According to the USCI Processing times for Potomac we are currently looking at a 13-16.5 month waiting period... Good Luck !
  4. What was the interview like? What kind of question were asked?
  5. When you log into your account on usci website. The case pops up pelow and if you scroll it to the left there’s options to click yes or no for notifications.
  6. Just received a text and an email an hour ago stating we were approved on June 6th🥳 we haven’t received the letter yet. PD: 10/09/18 Texas Service Center
  7. PD: October 9th Texas Service Center Still no approval. I also keep checking on a daily basis online & through mail.
  8. Soooo... On Thursday I was notified from my employer that I am being laid off. April 30th will be my last day. Does anyone know how this will affect me sponsoring my husband? We are dam near of receiving our NOA2. 🥺
  9. According to USCI, I have now an expected wait time of 7-9 months🙄. (TSC) for an I-130...
  10. Hopefully something good! Keep me posted please since I have the same priority day at TSC as you 🙂
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