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  1. I get the error "Your account functionality is limited right now due to technical issues. We are working to fix this issue." Is this common?
  2. Thanks. Will I, the petitioner, also need to give an interview? I thought only the beneficiary needed to give one.
  3. Hello, Naturalized citizen here and want to bring my mother over to live with me. So I am filling up the I130 and was wondering how much money should I be making annually to be able to sponsor her? It doesn't ask anything about my wage/salary on the form so its a bit weird.
  4. Update: I got it back today on my regular mail. So after 6 day of receiving my passport I got my naturalization certificate.
  5. Yes I am looking for the certificate number with red letters on top of the naturalization certificate.
  6. 'Oh no I will. The thing is idk if i will ever get it back.
  7. Hello, I mailed in my naturalization citizenship certificate to get my passport and I am filling up an I130 and they ask me to enter my Naturalization Certificate Number. I forgot to take a picture of it (i am so stupid). Is there any way I can get the citizenship certificate number? I know I will get it back after I receive my passport but I would like to know if theres any other way.
  8. Hello guys, I am trying to bring my parents to USA. I recently got my passport and will start filling up the I130. I would like to know if I have to fill up a separate I130 for each parent. If that is the case, how is it handled? Will the two cases move at different speed? Will one be interviewed before the other and get the Green card before the other? Thank you.
  9. Yeah? I will fill it up and bring it with me just in case. BTW, does anybody know when applying for US passport at the Acceptance Center, do I pay the $110 fee there? I know they charge for the photo and the acceptance processing fee there but Idk where I should pay the $110 that goes to the homeland security for the passport processing.
  10. I got my naturalization certificate last week after the ceremony and they told us to update our SSN. I called the SSN card center and made an appointment. They asked me to bring the naturalization certificate, my drivers license and a filled up form. For the form, they sent me a link. She asked me to fill up the form and bring it with me along with the certificate and the license. Here is the link they texted me https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/?utm_source=emailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=emailer-application&utm_content=text-forms-ssn-card-info but I dont see any forms. I used to have a green card and my SSN doesn't have any clause. So i am confused as to what form I need to fill up. The link is for applying for a Social Security Card but I already have one. Did anybody else have to fill up any form during this time? Maybe she misunderstood my SSN situation? Any help would be appreciated.
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