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  1. I hope your mother get her visa soon. if you dont mind me asking, how long it took from applyinh i130 to getting interview letter? I applied for my mother last week. I want to know rough estimate of time for pakistan.
  2. can you please share what documents you submitted with i130 for your parents. I am going to apply my mother. she has not her birth certificate.
  3. hello did you apply for your mother? do I need her passport in filling i130 or i can leave it blank for now. i am filing online
  4. I got the N400 interview letter while my i751 was still pending. I went to interview on April 14th and it turned out a combine interview. After interview officer said He is going to review my case and I would get the decision letter in mail. I got the letter of approval for both N400 and i751 in mail on April 23 with the statement of cases are approved but no oath ceremony date. Now what is next? Should I contact to uscis because I did not get any oath ceremony letter. Do uscis send it or should I call them?
  5. I had same experience like you. My interview was on 14th april. I applied for citizenship at three year rule and officer said, he can not make decision because i have pending i751. still.waiting and sad here
  6. I went for n400 interview based on 3 year marriage. They asked me only six question but they said my i751 is pending so they can not approave me on the spot and I will receive decision in mail.its so frustrating. I just want to be done with it.
  7. Hello everyone, 1)I got my N400 interview letter while my i751 is still pending. So what should I do ? 2) Is anyone have experience of interview in Santa ana field office? do they require covid testing or vaccination card before entering in convention center?
  8. did you apply for n400 through mail? Because the IO said you do not have any online evidence and you replied because you apply through mail. my question did you apply for both i751 and n400 by mail or just n400?
  9. the 24 month extension letter does not mean its 24 months from now. infact it was the extra six month extension of 18 month letter that you had previously.
  10. My i751 pending and I applied in May 2020 for i751. if you have any success with talking to tier 2 officer or see any movement on ur case. please let me know
  11. I used credit card and called the company to not decline any payment from uscis. I did not had any issues plus when uscis charged my credit card then It gave me surity that my application reached there.
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