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  1. Spouse visa case husband passport status is single but wife changeher status as married is this effect on case
  2. My case last update is also 19 November. when was your interview? I also send ds 5535 in February. Ur interview was in islamabad embassy?
  3. Interview they give me 221g for wedding photograph, chat and email print out. And she told me after you submit we will issue your visa within 20 days. Then I submit same day by AEG islamabad. Then after a week they email us for my wife pictures when she visit me in pakistan. Very next day I submitted by AEG. after 2 weeks we received another email for submit questionnaire. We submit after one week. After this our case update 1 or 2 time in a month. Now 11 month completed. But nothing hear from them😔😓
  4. We all of as have same condition. But unfortunately we can't do anything. Just hope hope and hope.I am waiting from 11 month. You are from Pakistan?
  5. Don't loose your hope. It is tough time for all of us. But it will end very soon. And ya waqt b guzar jaye gaa 😊😊
  6. Anyone who fill form ds 5535 questionnaire and got her/his Visa successfully?and what is the average timefor form ds 5535 questionnaire fill to decision on visa application?