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  1. Just wanted to let you all know about our happy ending; sorry it took me a bit to get this post done. We first applied for a K1 December of 2017. The interview was August of 2018, denied. We applied again for a K1 January of 2019. (Yes, it is typically recommended to marry and apply for a CR1 after a K1 denial, but we felt our case was a lot stronger and took a chance.) We did get an RFE October of 2019 for intent to marry as well as essentially to refute the reasons for the previous denial. We were successful in getting the petition approved and the interview was 1/28/20. He was told the visa was approved at the interview, but that the old case still appeared active, so they had to take care of that. (I had already received notification that it was terminated.) It went to AP and on 2/26/20 changed to non-immigrant received. I'm not sure how much COVID slowed things down from there, but it went to AP 4/1, Received 5/21, AP 6/22. On 6/25 he received a call asking if he could travel before the medical expired on 7/13, and he said that he could. On 7/6 he got another call saying that they did not have his passport in his file but would look for it. From this point on we got persistent with our inquiries. On 7/27 he got another call, followed by an official email, asking him to make a new passport and get a new medical. The status changed to refused 7/28. The embassy received the passport and medical on 8/13. Status changed to AP on 8/19, updated again 8/20, and the visa was issued 8/26/20. He arrived in the US on 9/6 and we married 9/26. Thanks to God! Now we're trying to get AOS done.
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