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  1. You’re suppose to write an explanation letter, not a explanation quote. ours was rejected the first time and then we were told by the nvc staff to re-upload the English nikkah Nama with an explanation letter. we did that and our English nikkah Nama was accepted.
  2. Congratulations soooo happy for you!! InshaAllah you’ll soon be with your husband Did the Ceac tracker get issued? what questions was he asked?
  3. Our Dq is May 22 ( Islamabad embassy) please let me know about your interview experience
  4. Thankyou for your reply Did you guys face any issues regarding the mistakes in your interview?
  5. Congratulations! Have a blessed life ahead! do you know why was she put in AP in the first place? Any travel history, second marriage, age gap, documents missing etc?
  6. Looks like a good sign. Do you know why were you places in AP? Document missing, travel history, age gaps etc?
  7. Hey, were you able to fix the mistake in your ds-260?
  8. Don’t worry, IA you’ll be issued soon. Just keep an eye on the date changes, if it does, that’s a good sign
  9. What reason did they give for RFE & returning the case? You can inquire about your case status by doing an emailing them an inquiry
  10. In the first interview, was there any document missing? Or did your case has any age gap, travel history, previous marriage?
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