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  1. We have joint bank account some pictures of our vacation we filed tax return together, That’s all evidence I have
  2. My God knows my intention I want to live with my wife but if my wife doesn’t want to live with me because of their parents then what should I do? Who will give me justice ?
  3. Hi everyone I need some help. I am a permanent resident in California. I came here 1 year ago. My visa category is 1r1 which is conditional residence. I have a good relationship with my wife but my wife family doesn’t want me and my wife to live separate, and the reason is my wife earns a lot. She works for federal government and her parents want her money even they take all her money and they don’t give it to her . I earn average. They are just making excuses with my job that you don’t earn a lot and we can’t let you live separate. Even we both earn enough where we can easily live separate. My wife doesn’t want to go with me because of their parents they provoke her against me . Her parents specially his dad is so annoying he just want me to follow his rules which I don’t want. As a paksitani Muslim background no one treats her son in law the way they treat me.. in this condition I want to leave my wife and go back to my country . I just want to know is there any other way where I can still live in America with my green card.? Coz I have to remove my condition too for 10 years permanent green card
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