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  1. You are missing nikah namma english translation.you should keep that too .
  2. I hope your status will change to issued tomorrow .thats what it happened to me as well .and i got my passport with visa yesterday.
  3. Mashallah congratulations happy for you .best of luck for your future.
  4. Mashallah congratulations and best of luck for your future
  5. My status changed to administrative process for how long it will take to change to issued ?
  6. May alah pak give you visa too.inshallah everything will be fine .
  7. Alhamdulillah by the grace of almighty allah my visa has been approved.
  8. My interview is at November 7th. Should i give my interview in english or urdu? Since my wife is us born but her parents are from pakistan and my wife speaks urdu better.plz give me sincere advice.
  9. Congrats bro sp happy for you😊 plz pray for us as well
  10. Yes i went to agha khan. And interview letter is compulsory. without it you cant take an appointment
  11. I have done my medical in khi.i have paid 18050/= Rs on total .in first phase there were blood test,chest xray and then urine test.in second phase there was a doctor appointment who recommended me three vaccination listed below 1-tetanus 2- flu shot 3- polio.
  12. I am in shock by hearing all of this. I had a high aim that this time your husband will get his visa.but unfortunately its hard to swallow that they put him in AP again. So infront of you today .were they giving hard time to every male applicants ? Or some male applicants got approved too? Infront of you ? As you said you were the last one.i am in deep shock. My interview is coming so i am so afraid too .obviously we all facing hard time by living far from our love ones .i will pray for both of you guys that this AP should not go for a year. It should resolve with in days.and inshallah allah pak will help you guys.just stay strong best wishes for both of you .may allah keep both of you together.
  13. If one year passed then you have to submit ds260 again. Right now embassy will need medical from you coz its going to be expired next week