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  1. Make sure to check your email everyday🙁😖
  2. I dont know when the wait will end !! No official announcement made yet about Embassy i hope they dont stop after reschudling canceled interviews!
  3. Aah 😂 no problem . I dont know any of you but it feels like one small family still😂😭
  4. No . My sister in law diddd . I m waiting for mines. Dq April 27😭 Anyone else got interview recently? Whose case was held at nvc?
  5. Feb 14 2020. Interview october 13. How about you?
  6. Woww😍 and your a male applicant ? Amazing means they dont take long for all the male applicants .
  7. Thank you soo much!!! ALLAH make it easier for you and me and everyone !! Very helpful thank you.
  8. Meaning the reqiured documents that you did for the Nvc ? Civil documents and all ? Nothing after being documentaily qualified?
  9. Did you upload anything on cec speically for interview?
  10. Never heard anything like this before. Maybe i m just dumb lmao but i dont think this is true in any kind of way. This whole year Pakistan issued visas way less than they did in past years so what limit
  11. Do we uplaod documents on Ceac for interview or bring them with you?
  12. Do we have to sumbit documents to CEAC for interview or take them bring them with you? And a lot of people say you have to bring chat logs and call logs ! Me and my husband talk on whatsapp how do i print chat log,?
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