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  1. So I have read on here that most people are doubling the evidence for each of the following forms?? So they are adding 2 passport photo to EACH of the form, marriage certificate, copy of passport, copy of I-94 form etc all to each and every single form. Is this correct? I thought If I just sent all of the forms with just one of the requested documents is all I needed?? Can someone shed some light here?? The passport photo copy alone is around 30 pages! 1. I-864 2. I-485 3. I-765 (optional) 4. I-131 (optional) 5. G-1145 (optional)
  2. Hello, Could someone please verify for me where to find the 1040EZ they are requesting for this? I have my IRS transcripts and my 1040 A. But I am not sure what this 1040EZ is??
  3. So my question is, this travel A/P document...I was under the impression this was for an emergency case only?? Do I have to file this?? Or can I wait until the green card comes so we can travel then?? We don't have plans to travel outside of the US for the next year so I do not feel like this is something necessary if we are not going to use. Does that make sense? I am a little confused about this part of the AOS process.
  4. Hello! My question is do I have to file for a work authorization in the US (form I-765)? My fiance does not need to work while here (for personal reasons)...but sometime next year he will start working when we feel is the right time...so do i need to file this or will he be able to work when the GC come? Or is this a one time thing, like, if i did not file it now when submitting our AOS forms he will not be able to work?
  5. So...when you apply for a licence, they give you a list of documents you must present correct? And since he is a brand new immigrant here, having him on a utility bill is not really something he can do right now (he has no credit to put him on a bill). One of the documents is putting him on my bank account but that would take 30 days for the bill to run through. Since I did that and had a cancelled check, she took that as a form needed. So maybe in a way she was wrong but she also saw that we were legitimate living under the same roof. My question was will this hurt in any way his green card application?
  6. Hi Everyone! Fiance is here and we we got married last week!! So I should say husband now right?? lol anyway...We live in RICHMOND, VIRGINIA...NOTHING HERE IS EASY. I went to the DMV to try to get him a driver's licence and it seems that everything we had was not sufficient , and the regulation for him driving with his current driver's licence from Brazil does not allow for him to drive here provisionally. So after going back and forth to the DMV 3 times, the manager there finally (I think she felt bad for us) let him get his licence without all of the requirements. She overrode one of the requirements. So my question is, does anyone know if this is going to cause problems with his green card? Or this has nothing to do with it? In other words, I read that many of the K1 visa holders HAVE TO WAIT until they apply for the GC to get a driver's licence...I don't want this to hurt us in any way for the GC process. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone!! So really simple question here... I am getting married next week with my fiance visa (k1) and starting the paperwork for his adjustment of status. Questions here is, since I have dual citizenship and changing your last name is a HUGE hassle for passports and visas I have in my name I really don't want to mess with that. Is the fact that I refuse to change my last name to his legally going to hurt his chances for the AOS process??
  8. Hi! I am hoping we can get some help here! We went to get my K1 fiance his SSN 2 weeks after he arrived to the US, and they handed us a paper at the end of the process saying we need to wait a 4 week period for an answer from DHS? Has anyone gone through this??? Is this normal or should I be concerned?? We were planing on getting his SSN so I could put him on my health insurance plan at work/drive a car/get a bank account/etc...so it was pretty important so I guess that is all on hold now? Can we still get married now or do we have to wait for the SSN process to end?? Will that hurt anything? I live in Richmond, Virginia and a social security number is not needed for marriage. Can someone shed some light here?
  9. I don't know if anyone here is from Brazil but I will leave this message in case it helps someone... The interview in Rio pick up passport option: Rio gives you the option of mailing your passport/visa back to you after the interview, or pick it up when it is ready. The mailing option takes about 14 days and I have seen that sometimes it takes more. So we signed up to go pick it up when ready... IT TOOK 2 DAYS for the passport to be ready for pick up!!! This is a huge help since we are in a time crunch! Hope this helps someone!
  10. My fiance just left his interview in Rio and we are APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!
  11. Hi everyone!! For the flights into the US for my fiance, does his final destination have to be in the state where you and your fiance will be living? For example, I live in DC. But the price difference for a flight from his State to New York is much much cheaper for us (significant enough to make it worth it). However, I know they will stamp his Passport and I am not sure it matters to have it stamped in New York or in DC.Does this even matter? Also does connecting flights matter?? So from his destination to Florida to here for example? Does that matter? Thanks!!
  12. So I have read in a few places that people are experiencing the interviewers request the most recent tax transcripts...is this going to be an issue? I have not filed my taxes yet and they won't be ready to file until the end of the month. So it won't be ready until past our interview date. I did sent my fiance my 2016, and 2017 year of transcripts and all of the other stuff that was requested. Does anyone know about this? I seen someone get their visa held until this was ready and sent to the embassy!!
  13. One more question for you guys that have already been through the interview process!! How long was the wait for you to pick up your passport (for the pick up option)??
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