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  1. Apparently, the intent was to "scare the spouse" and not "cause injury." Either way, it is wrong. There are marriages who have been saved after a domestic violence dispute. That's why I say with an open mind that it depends on the amends taken after, depending on the degree of the assault/violence: - separate - Abuser get help and attend anger management classes - Therapy - Marriage counseling If all the above and more take place and it's safe and worth a try to save the marriage and both couples want to save their marriage, then why not. Every situation is different. Would you stay with a spouse who slapped you, even once? That is physical abuse too. The question is, is your marriage worth saving? Is your spouse violent? Are his threatening actions beyond repair? Etc.
  2. I'm thinking that he probably confirmed the spouse account when the police asked him what happened, before arresting him. So maybe that will get him, even if the spouse decides not to testify against him.
  3. I agree that a spouse like that is not worth having around. However, depending on the situation and all other things considered, if the abusive spouse is willing to get help and actually gets help (therapy, attend anger management classes) and the couple attends marriage counseling together to save their marriage etc., then it's probably worth a second chance. But the couple should separate and live apart for awhile. Only if a noticeable change is seen in the abusing spouse after getting help, and that they have truly learned their lesson and want to make their marriage work, and if the other spouse feels safe and they don't feel like they and the children will be in danger, only then should they try again.... But like I said, it all depends on what's on the table and if amends have been taken to get help. Do you all agree or not? Some of these spouses come from countries where such things are common and not frowned upon as much. But this is America. A big no to domestic abuse or face the consequences....
  4. Curious to know what was said... Gosh! You guys are on top of your game and remove comments fast!
  5. I believe the intent was to "scare" and not cause injury. But it's still assaulting someone with a deadly weapon which is against the law.
  6. State of Maryland. If you threaten anyone with a weapon (knife, gun etc) it is 1st degree Assault even if the knife didn't touch them and no injuries occurred. They take it even more seriously when it's domestic related. In this case, the knife didn't touch spouse and no injuries. The police, not spouse, filed their own charges as a result not sure why. They asked the spouse if she wanted to file charges, which she was willing to do but the police later decided to file their own charges instead. I guess to prevent charges from being withdrawn by spouse at a later stage...
  7. If a spouse on a temporary greencard gets charged with First Degree Assault on domestic violence (making threats with a knife), how will that affect his greencard status/renewal? Is he doomed or does he still have a chance to still get approved for a permanent greencard and eventually citizenship? He has no prior record. He is still being held in police cell/custody (incident happened this week), but police charged him with 1st Degree Assault for making a threat with a weapon (knife).
  8. Ok will find out. Thank you. It has to be reported in US$ at the filing exchange rate?
  9. Thank you. I usually prepare my own taxes online. I only use a tax professional when I need to amend.
  10. To get the biggest refund possible, is it more beneficial to file as a resident alien for the entire year although he only lived in the USA since February 2019? Or is it more beneficial to claim worldwide income although he hasn't worked in DR since February, 2019. He quit his job after we got approved for the Visa. Not sure if living in DR and not working since February 2019 matters. I guess we are better off filing resident aliens for the entire 2019 because he arrived in the USA February 9th, 2019. Right?
  11. Very good information. Thank you. I have learned a lot and faster through this thread.
  12. Got it, thank you. He started working in June 2019.
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