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  1. Don't stress it. It is never really enforced. What public funds can a husband rack up anyway that the government will come after you for a refund?
  2. If you get full/physical custody, you can file for child support. That money could offset the aos/sponsorship cost and you could make back all the money you spend on him and relationship etc. Apparently the binding sponsorship is hardly ever enforced so you probably have nothing to monetarily worry about.
  3. Oh, and I was advising her on another strategy, where she has control, to get to the same/similar results... All hope is not lost, sister. . Fight for your rights 💪🏿 😉
  4. It's not my personal experience that men cheat. It's common knowledge. I have never even cared to look at my partner's phones. It was never an issue for me. I know how to pick my battles. Some battles are useless to fight and a waste of time. However, we are talking about marriage here, not just dating. In a marriage, cheating alone is not enough grounds for divorce, unless it becomes abusive and dangerous....
  5. He offered to pay you back the $10K?! That's great.... Make sure he really does... That way, you won't hold that over his head forever.... And then level the playing field. Recuperate your money and time... Don't walk away empty handed. Never let anyone get away with using you. Fight til the end....💪🏿
  6. Girl, he's gotten lucky with that automatic 10 greencard. Too bad for Covid19 delays.. If your life is not in danger, stick it through and get your money's worth or back. Don't make it easy for him through divorce. Keep collecting more evidence so that when you do get divorced, you can get part of your money via alimony. If you get pregnant, make sure you become the primary caregiver and fight for full/physical custody and take his behind to child support and make sure you get him to pay a lot in child support. I would never advice anyone to file for divorce based on cheating/assumed cheating. Most men will cheat. Pick your battles and fight the ones you can win. You leave him for this, chances are you will never stay married. But if your life is ever in danger, then yes, leave the marriage and if he threatens your life and gets physical, call the police and maybe his behind can get deported. Play your cards right and fair. Only then will you get true justice. #karma
  7. I know it's her business. I'm not judging, I'm advising, based on experience. I'm looking out for her. I hope it works out for her but she can't say no one here tried to look out for her if she ends up in a terrible situation.
  8. How did you guys meet? Was he incarcerated when you met? Why would you want to marry a convicted criminal? You might make your life harder.... Will he be able to get a decent job and support you? What if he becomes a repeat offender?.... I petitioned a sick Narcissist & Ant-Social PD man to come to the USA, he got arrested and I refused to help him get out of jail. Some red flags should not be ignored.....
  9. Ok cool, thank you! She is gathering her evidence based on the list you kindly shared and more. We will start the application process next week and hope for the best 🙏.
  10. This is very helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Can she still travel in the mean time outside the US for short trips of less than 1 or 2 months?
  11. Thank you. That's helpful. What evidence would be considered adequate. They simply traveled to their native country together last year when the pandemic was at its peak and then they cane back early this year after 8 months away. So what kind of evidence would she need to provide and does she provide this evidence with her citizenship application? I really feel bad for her. She depended on her abusive naturalized USA citizen husband to do all her immigration stuff which resulted in her "ignorance" about the 6 month rule. I thought she knew about this and thought she was a citizen already. I have noticed that not all greencard holders know about that rule. One of my friends who came here as a child almost traveled abroad for over a year on a greencard. Luckily I knew she wasn't a citizen yet and I mentioned that to her and she discounted the 6month rule I told her as a lie at first, and then I guess she double checked and got her citizenship before she traveled.
  12. Both her and her spouse were visiting their country of origin so they were away together. He knew about the 6 month rule and she didn't. Their marriage has been very rocky and he might be trying to ruin things for her by withholding Information. I didn't realize she was not a citizen yet.
  13. Thanks. So should she still go ahead and apply and hope for the best or not? I'm trying to figure out if it's a lost case or not...
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