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  1. That’s good news!! Thanks a lot for the info Caramel 🙏🏽
  2. Good day everyone. I am a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and USA. But since my family is in Sri Lanka and also due to my personal matters I had to remain in Sri Lanka for the most part of my life. I was born and raised in the USA for about 1.5 years only. and brought back to Sri Lanka in my childhood. after that I only had to visit USA for just one month in last 2012. And haven’t been there ever since. But I have the SSN/Us Passport. So I recently petitioned for my spouse for the CR1 visa. Will it get rejected because I am not domiciled in the US? But I’m hoping to get back to the USA with a job. I’m currently looking for a job. Does anyone know a website or something that offers US jobs for US expats abroad? Thanks guys!
  3. Guys!! Is there a pattern for the USCIS to send the petitions for their service centers such as if there’s a straightforward case there’ll be sending it to this and that? If the case is involved with divorces and children from previous marriages they’ll be sending it to somewhere SC which has a slow processing time? Eg: California Service Center. As far as I know the CSC is the slowest. What do you guys think?
  4. One more thing. Is marriage certificate the only proof that I changed my surname? Do I have to report anywhere else that I’m using his surname now? No right?
  5. Hello everyone!! I am a US Citizen and I changed my surname to my husband’s after we got married in last March. But I did not get a new passport for the new surname cause my passport expires in 2025. So we thought of amending it at the renewal. Will that invite a problem during the i 130 processing or maybe at the final interview??
  6. Hi guys!! I was just wondering when you go for the interview at the embassy abroad, should we both participate? Will there be only one interview? And if we both are participating whom are they questioning the most? Us Citizen or the beneficiary? What kinda questions will be asked from the beneficiary?
  7. Hello guys!! Does anyone know about the Potomac Service center and its processing times? People say the Potomac Service center is the fastest. We sent the i130 package in August 17 and received the NOA1 in 20th August. How long will it take for the approval. Any thoughts anyone? I also would like to know if there’s a RFE coming in, do they issue it in the mid of the process or in the beginning with just after a couple of days NOA1 being issued??!
  8. Hello guys!! I am a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and US. I recently sent out the i 130 petition for my spouse. And received the NOA1 in 23rd Aug. and it has been transferred to the Potomac Service Center. My question is that I have lived in Sri Lanka for almost all my life because my family is there. And hoping to get back to the USA to re-establish domicile and find a job in Pharmaceutical industry because I have Bsc in Microbiology & biotechnology. Well I started working in Sri Lanka last year OCT. I do not make much money to file taxes, my annual income doesn’t even hit the required threshold. Since it is necessary to have tax returns when filing the affidavit of support after the i 130 is approved and if I don’t have tax returns by the time NVC contacts me but have a permanent job in the USA, will they buy it? And what will be the precautions I should take as I’m living abroad.
  9. So this does only apply for i 140 right? Cause I’ve petitioned for my spouse and he doesn’t have a college degree. But has been working as an Executive in Administration for about 2 and half years. First starting as an Admin Assistant then promoted. Do you think it’ll be a problem for us? Cause he doesn’t have any Bachelor's degree. Thanks
  10. Do they check for education of the beneficiary at the interview before issuing the CR1? What if someone doesn’t have a college degree? Can they reject the case?
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