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  1. Wondering the same thing? My husband has his Green Card working in a restaurant that recently closed because of COVID-19. I know everyone he works with is going to collect unemployment but this seems like a grey area for immigrants.
  2. Received the Green Card in the mail yesterday!! Glad to finally take a break from this paperwork for a little while!
  3. Just in case somebody from KCMO stumbles along this post during their visa journey. We were helped by a very helpful woman at the gladstone DMV (would 10/10 recommend going there). She made a call and was able to get my husband's drivers license extended for 90 days at a time. She said we could do this up to three times and that hopefully it would last until our AOS interview. We had to go back and get another person at the DMV to renew it a second time (worked again) which was enough to last us until the interview. All we had to do was bring his expired license and the I797C form! Hope this helps someone in the future
  4. Sure. We really weren't asked too many questions. She just went over the information that was on our I-485 to verify that it was correct and then she asked all of those questions that are on the I-485, like "have you done anything illegal". It seemed to be more of a conversation. She asked us how we met, looked through our pictures, asked for our documentation that we brought as proof of marriage. When I told her that it was easier than we expected and that we were really nervous she kind of laughed and said that it isn't like the movies or TV shows portray immigration. She said that judging by our paperwork and the way we acted together she could tell that we were genuine. It really was just us going over our paperwork with her and her telling us the next steps. As evidence of our marriage we brought health insurance, proof from work that I added my husband as my beneficiary, about 20 pictures together, all of our travel documentation from trips we have taken together, our car insurance and our bank information. It was definitely a pleasant experience!
  5. Went to our interview today and were told that we are approved!!!!! Green card should come in the mail in 2 weeks 🎉
  6. Checked our case status online and saw that the I-765 was approved today!
  7. Adjustment of Status Event Date CIS Office : Kansas City MO Date Filed : 2019-08-07 NOA Date : 2019-08-14 RFE(s) : Bio. Appt. : 2019-09-03 Finally found the August Filer Forum! We checked today and our I-485 status changed to "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" as of 10/9. Our I-765 still shows the fingerprint review completed as of 9/6.
  8. We had to do this with our NOA1 because we forgot to make a photocopy and couldn't find the original document. We just submitted our AOS paperwork last month so we haven't gotten an RFE but it probably hasn't even been looked at. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone!
  9. Finally, a comment on this thread that I can actually agree with. We received a K1 visa because I (the sponsor) make over the 125% poverty guideline. I'm a couple thousand dollars off of the 250% guideline which means if I applied for this later, we wouldn't have gotten the visa. This is insane to me, since we are living with no issue on my below 250% salary. It is just a way to keep more people out of this country and I am amazed to see so many supportive comments on an IMMIGRATION forum. Immigration is already expensive and hard enough, I am totally against making it EVEN harder for people who are working their ### off for this already.
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