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  1. We had to do this with our NOA1 because we forgot to make a photocopy and couldn't find the original document. We just submitted our AOS paperwork last month so we haven't gotten an RFE but it probably hasn't even been looked at. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone!
  2. Finally, a comment on this thread that I can actually agree with. We received a K1 visa because I (the sponsor) make over the 125% poverty guideline. I'm a couple thousand dollars off of the 250% guideline which means if I applied for this later, we wouldn't have gotten the visa. This is insane to me, since we are living with no issue on my below 250% salary. It is just a way to keep more people out of this country and I am amazed to see so many supportive comments on an IMMIGRATION forum. Immigration is already expensive and hard enough, I am totally against making it EVEN harder for people who are working their ### off for this already.
  3. Damn, well we knew it was going to be harder with the K-1. Just didn’t factor in all of the little things and forgot about the license. Not the end of the world, but would have made life easier.
  4. Yeah, we fully understand what we took on choosing the K1... just want to check our options on driving. The DMV webpage says that for adjusting status you need “Immigration documentation indicating status AND one of the following : 1.) employment authorization document I-688B or I-766 2.)Passport “
  5. Hi, we are living in KC and basically experiencing the same thing. They gave my husband a license but the expiration date is at the beginning of September (when his i-94 expires). I was wondering if you’ve gotten anymore info or anything on this? The DMV website says that for licenses during AOS they need “immigration documentation indicating status and one of the following : employment authorization document i688B or i-766 or a passport” this makes me think that the NOA would be the immigration documentation indicating status and then you would only need your passport. Of course all of this is fine and dandy, and the DMV can decide what they want. We have found that the gladstone DMV is a lot friendly than the others, so we will most likely go there when we get the NOA
  6. My fiancé entered the US and came to live in KC on June 9th. We got married July 6th, we were able to get his social security card and a drivers license for him. When we went to the DMV they were able to issue him a drivers license but they said they could only issue it to the date of expiration on his I-94 which is in September. My question is, we are going to send all of our paperwork in for AOS on Monday, when USCIS receives this, I know we will get a 797 but will it change the I-94 date or update it? It looks like the MO dmv will only accept a passport and I-94 for K1 visa applicants. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I had the same issue when I asked for mine. I was directed to the employment verification service but I told them that would not suffice and sent them a prewritten letter (from the samples). They were reluctant at first but after it had pretty much been done for them (all they had to do was sign) then they completed it for me. I always make it as easy as possible for the HR department because they usually give me a hard time about doing anything 🙄
  8. I had the same issue, I couldn't get my tax transcripts online because they had my old credit card number on file and I couldn't remember the last 4 numbers on it. Anyway, I had recently moved and I still got them mailed to my new place. I believe you can put the address down on the IRS website that you would like it mailed to, and if you really want to be sure you can go to usps.com and fill out a change of address so that any mail going to the old address will get forwarded to the new one.
  9. We FINALLY got the p3 letter! Velemir will be sending you a picture of it soon
  10. Congrats. We were hoping for the P3 letter from the embassy today but that was a no go 😭. The embassy received our case on 4/5/19 so I have no idea why we still haven't gotten anything. We are starting to go a little crazy, every time we call them they just forward us to a phone that is never picked up. We left a voicemail last week but still haven't gotten a reply. I hope this process gets better by the time your packet gets to them because this is no fun.
  11. We keep checking the mailbox every single day. Starting to go a little crazy haha
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