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  1. Hi ! Has your status changed in the Uscis app ? If yes , how long after the interview did it change ( Baltimore is also my local office )
  2. Hi VJ Friends, My interview just got scheduled for December 7 ( I applied on September 9th ) under the 3 year rule ! I hope most of us get have our interviews scheduled by the end of November !
  3. Finally got the biometric reused notice and the case is actively being reviewed update ( 9 days after applying online)
  4. I haven’t even received the bio reused notice - I think I’ll have to get scheduled ( I just want some type of update lol )
  5. Yayyy !! I hope I get an update soon ! I’m low key super stressed about not getting anything besides the NOA
  6. September filer here Just filed today September 8th based on the 3yr rule and received the receipt number. I don’t know if they’ll reuse my biometrics yet since I haven’t received any other updates so far ( it’s only been an hour and it’s Friday night so hopefully by Monday)
  7. Hello, For those who already applied for the n400 online. Could you please tell me what documents you submitted?
  8. What do you mean by « both notifications » - I actually did not receive any notification - I checked my case status on the 10th and it said that my case was transferred on the 9th and I received the letter saying that it went to the National benefits center on the 13th - I did submit two inquiries ( one in December and one in February) but I don’t think they prompted anything since I received generic messages 2 months after each inquiry - there hasn’t been any movement on my case since the 10th
  9. Update : my case was transferred to the national benefits center and the letter says they’ll me know once they make a decisions or if they need more information ( still no biometrics applied btw) ps: travelling from the U.S to France ( with United Airlines) with my extension letter was a breeze. There was no confusion at any point.
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