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  1. Hi guys, I recently got my interview waived and my greencard application approved and I do have my greencard in hand. I got a mail and a status update from uscis today and I don’t understand what it means. I would be grateful if this can be elucidated. Thank you.
  2. I officially received my greencard in hand today. I posted that my interview for aos was waived on July 1st. I am here humbly saying thank you to you VJers, you guys have been a pillar of knowledge and support. Thank you!!!
  3. Finally received my gc in hand today. With love, I will be exiting this group, I wish you guys nothing but love and lots of luck.
  4. Thank you! Yes on K1, I don’t their rules on waiving interviews.
  5. Just an update guys, i got a case notification today. Guess it is official!
  6. I did my bio in September 2019, it took a month. Thank you!!! Thank you☺️☺️
  7. Thanks and yes it was waived My interview was originally scheduled for 04/08/2020 and was canceled in March and today, it changed to new card being produced.
  8. I haven’t checked my I-145 status since last month due to COVID-19 . Today, while at work, I was tempted to check my status and behold! My status says “new card being produced”. I wasn’t expecting this, I feel overwhelmed. I am really short of words right now lol, feels surreal that the K-1 journey has now ended and the path to citizenship is now opened. Goodluck to everyone waiting!
  9. Yes, my green card was approved today. Status changed to new card being produced.
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