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  1. Absolutely. I would not be surprised if a complete closure of the border is coming, with extremely limited exceptions. The announcement is pretty clear in the messaging in my view.
  2. Thanks - you will have that GC in a month! Yes, this my 4th major USCIS interaction... first my Green Card back in 2007, then the renewal, then my citizenship... and now this! We are downtown NYC. To be honest the EAD/AP is just about as good as the GC for us so now we finally have those approved, we can relax!
  3. Thanks for sharing your info! Kinda frustrating you have to wait till April but the end is close.... Your story does give hope that NYC is more like 12 months rather than the 20 months or so that USCIS processing times seem to indicate. We filed for my wife in September and would be thrilled to get it done before 2021 rolls around. Let's see!
  4. Well, after 168 days we got the very welcome news that my wife's EAD was approved today. We are thrilled about it. But I must say I feel badly celebrating too much on here given that people are waiting, especially @Sarge2155who has been just about the most helpful person I have ever seen to the community on this forum! I can only hope that he and the others waiting from September are going to be approved very soon. I am sure that will be the case.
  5. As we approach 6 months with no EAD/AP in sight, we did get the courtesy medical letter today. Hopefully that means things are moving.
  6. yes - many posts about this in this thread and other filer threads here. no one can really figure it out.
  7. They definitely do open before 8am now I come to think of it, as I got there around 8am for my interview and there were already a lot of people waiting inside. Good luck with everything.
  8. My only experience with the NY office is from my naturalization interview and oath, but I think you are totally fine to just go there early (like 8am), clear security which takes 5 minutes, go up to the floor you had your interview at and just give the person at the reception desk your papers. Take the RFE with you so you can show the security guy you have a reason to enter the building.
  9. congrats! felt kind of nostalgic to see our July 2018 thread up top! crazy how long you had to wait but congrats on getting it all done.
  10. nice one! we are still waiting from September. congrats again.
  11. wow - congrats! that is really fast. did you expedite?
  12. Next is Interview was Scheduled; how long that takes depends 100% on your local office waiting time.
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