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  1. It's 100% a pain, I feel you! They've been ####### about updating things lately - my approval after RFE was a mailbox surprise. No notifications or website updates.
  2. So sorry to hear that - I felt the same upon getting the RFE. Just turn it around as quickly as you can. Good luck!
  3. I know that intellectually but emotionally I need it in my hands before I unleash all the emojis, haha. Fingers crossed for everyone else still waiting as impatiently as I was!
  4. Informed delivery shows a page 1 of 1 coming today! I won't jinx anything by updating my timeline before I have it in hand, though. 🤐The notice is dated 2/7, but neither site is updated and no notifications...way to make us sweat!
  5. I just checked new site again and the last update is 9 August (case received). 😆 Old site is updated through 28 January (RFE response received). Bananas how inconsistent it is!
  6. Yup, the "govt employee" perspective would be useful!! We thought we were being efficient with a single letter of intent, but nope, RFE. Need a separate letter from beneficiary. Better safe than sorry - I'd gladly follow a guideline based on that.
  7. Ugh, that's so frustrating! Welcome to the post-RFE waiting club, and good luck. 🙂
  8. Mine was for a separate letter of intent from beneficiary, which they received 1/28. The letter we sent was exactly one sentence long, so now I'm like...how long can it possibly take to read?!!!!! 🤣 Maybe my adjuticator is on holiday? Lol.
  9. Congrats!!!!!!!! And thank you - I sure hope so!
  10. Ours was marked officially "received" the same day they got it. Unfortunately that was 1/28 and no movement since. Trying to be patient!
  11. I'm wondering why there have been no NOA2s reported today. They've had our RFE response for over a week. Looooooooosiiiing my mind. 🙃
  12. Oh my. As if this process isn't nerve-wracking enough as it is!
  13. New site hasn't been updated since our NOA1. RFE never even showed up there! So inconsistent.