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  1. Hello everyone do anyone knows what priority date mean on this form, I was ask to fill it for my case to be transfer to new embassy. Do u guys no what it means
  2. Greenbaum, my case is ready but it was send to Turkey and I have sent an email to Cyprus embassy to transfer the case to Cyprus embassy. Please at this junction what is the next step to take. Like medical etc
  3. I have not come across anyone doing it from the country i am now and does people that did it before i ask them they are all saying they dont remember. i dont no if i should get the ball rolling abut medical because i have already fill out DS-160 waiting for submit it
  4. Same for me today and it was sent to both of us, so at this point what is the next step ?
  5. I got the same email also this morning, but still in transit
  6. yes i got my case number since March 12th.
  7. It has started changing now, because i just check mine now and it says in transit.
  8. Try and call them, because my f call like Monday and they told her no case number yet and we got it the second day. one love
  9. Greenbaum, please I need enlightenment on this questions. The new letter of intent is it both of us that will write new one and if not whoever that will write the new one which address are we going to direct it to and also the employment letter is the company of my f has to Address it to what address also. And now we get our NVC case number the ASK message and when I track it, is still at NVC so what is the next steps to take now. And also about the DS 160 is which is non immigrant and DS 261 which is immigrant. Which one am I going to fill ? Thanks
  10. Thanks, the case is still at NVC when i track it. so i want to make all things ready on time that is why am asking to know now
  11. Greenbaum Do the first 3 letters on the case number determine where the interview will be held? please can we be able to change it?
  12. Well that is what they told my f yesterday when she called and behold we got the case number today. best of luck to all