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  1. That’s weird. Well let’s hope that next week will be our week!
  2. Idk why but on the new tracker it says “on February 6th...” but the notice date on the letter I got is February 5th...
  3. How exciting! Mine was transferred on the 5th but no updates for me.
  4. It would be extremely unfair if we would have to wait another year!
  5. January 2018 filer here. I had to renew my DL last year and for some reason my new one doesn’t expire until 2024...there doesn’t seem to be any logic behind it
  6. I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks. Mine got transferred to Nebraska last week.
  7. Yes And when I add it to my cases it says “at this time..” like morgan.croft said
  8. So it doesn’t mean that someone’s working on the case 😕 bummer. Lol.
  9. I just checked my case on the case tracker app and 3 cases before mine and one after mine say CASE STATUS. Any ideas what this could mean?
  10. I really hope that the transfer dies not mean I have to wait even longer. But at this point I wouldn’t be surprised..
  11. I feel like we have to wait even longer now. I heard that Nebraska is even slower than California. I’m so frustrated.
  12. My case has been transferred to Nebraska as well, I just got the letter in the mail
  13. The transfers show up on all three for me
  14. So why do they keep transferring my case?