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  1. Oh we got RFE🤦‍♀️ Woke up to app notification. Can they provide us with information of what is wrong if we call them tomorrow?
  2. I can't stop myself from checking both websites several times a day 🤦‍♀️ good that i'm in different time zone so i don't do it during daytime too))
  3. and please don't forget about Aug7 😂
  4. I got a list of vaccines I had at hospital in my hometown and my doctor said that according to the list I still need some according to the table below because of age requirements. So If you didn't get any of Hepatitis shots till you are 7 then you don't need them anymore. But if you got Td/Tdap more than 10 years ago then probably you will need to renew it. So If you don't need them here for visa you'll still need to get them in US. My friend who also left with K1 had to get Tdap and varicella shots there. May be this table will help you
  5. August 7 is here. Be positive guys 🍀🍀🍀 We are all getting there soon!
  6. Nafisa Zaripova

    last 5 visits to US

    Thank you!!!!!! Thank you! Found all the info I needed!
  7. Did they charge you? Didn't you try calling USCIS to know if they got it?
  8. Hello While we are still waiting for our NOA2 (August filer) and to prepare for K1 visa interview I looked through the copy of my old DS160 that I had filled for C1/D visa when I used to work as a cabin crew. So it asks to show last 5 visits to US. The thing is that I remember only my 2 last flights to US back in 2016 that were work flights, and I don't remember exactly to which cities I flew and when before that. Because I used to have US flights almost each month. But now I don't work for that airline anymore and I don't have access to my old schedule to check. Moreover I changed my passport after so I don't have any stamps left from entering US. Couldn't even find any pics that could have been taken during that time. So last flight were in October 2016 and others I have evidence of were in March of 2016. So I dont remember any flights from period from March to October, but I know I had at least 5 flights. What can I do in this situation? Can I just put 2 last flights and don't mention the ones before? I'm not sure company is still keeping my data to ask them to help me with that.
  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all !!! Hope all August filers is getting there NOA2 soon!
  10. Nafisa Zaripova

    August 2018 filers

    Thank you!!!
  11. Hi everyone! Any August 2018 filers around? Well actually we got NOA1 on August 7, even though my fiancee sent I129F at the end of June from Japan via priority mail, but it still took so much time USCIS to get it.. I haven't even seen anyone's NOA1 to take so much time..made me feel so frustrated and I couldn't even put the real date of when we sent here on timeline cause it says that period from sending petition and getting NOA1 cant be longer than 4 weeks🙄 so I've just considered us as July-August filers🙊 So..just came here to wish good luck to all who waiting🍀
  12. Nafisa Zaripova

    My wife, US Citizen!

    Congratulations!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your story! Good luck with nursing license!🍀