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  1. Hello Ahmed, my husband's visa has been issued. They requested his passport and sent it back with the visa this week. I hope you hear good news soon.
  2. it seems in both your cases the embassy told you after the interview that the case is moving to AP and also both of you got documents to fill and send back. Our case is different which is why I'm more worried now. They told him "We will submit your visa" and gave him two documents that said "Congratulations your visa is accepted" and then ended up returning the passport empty. So I'm not sure if this is also normal or not!
  3. I'd like to be added, Ahmed, please. Send me the link please.
  4. This is very weird! Eshme3na ehna they didn't call us 😃 any way yes I will email them and of course I will keep u updated if anything comes up soon. This is very weird! Eshme3na ehna they didn't call us 😃 any way yes I will email them and of course I will keep u updated if anything comes up soon.
  5. No, maba3toosh any forms and nobody called us. They just sent an email to inform us the case is now in AP then sent another email that the passport is ready. When we picked it up it was empty!! Should I email them to inquire?
  6. Hi Ahmed, Nobody called us, they just sent us an email and then sent the passport back empty, there were no forms for us to file! Now I'm worried, should I email them?
  7. Hello Ahmed, The embassy sent us an email one week after the interview to inform us that his case is going through Administrative Processing and that they do not know how long that would take. And then the very next day the mailed back the passport via SLS and sent an email for us to pick it up and it was empty, as in no visas stamped or a denial letter attached. So I am being told that this means they know the AP will take a long time and do not want to keep the passport with them during the process and when/if the visa is issued, they will send to us so we can send them the passport back. Please keep me posted via this thread if anything new happens with you case and I will update you too. E7na keda sab2inak be esboo3 ta2riban.
  8. No he did not indicate that he needs to use the passport at all.
  9. Yes sorry, it was refused not rejected. So it is normal for them to return passport while going through AP? As at no point did we receive any official denial notices.
  10. Hi all, My husband had his IV interview at the US Embassy in Cairo on April 3rd, the consular who did the interview told him she will process his visa and that he should get it within 2-3 weeks. They took his passport and gave him two documents that say "Congratulations, your visa is approved." - The next day I checked his CEAC status and it was "rejected", we came to understand that it means he's going through Administrative Processing. Today, (exactly one week later) he received an email from the courier the embassy deals with telling him his passport is ready for pick up. He went to pick it up only to find it empty. There is no visa but there was no rejection letter either. Does this mean he's still under AP? Did this happen to anyone before?
  11. What do you mean by AP? And also, they gave him 2 documents that say "Your visa has been approved", can they still change their mind and require more time to decide?
  12. Egypt. I thought I am posting in the Egypt forum but it seems I made a mistake.
  13. Hello, My husband had his IV interview on April 3rd, the consular officer took his passport at the end of the interview and told him she will be submitting his visa, she also gave him 2 documents that said "Congratulations your visa has been approved." but now I was randomly checking the case status on the CEAC website and it says status updated on April 3rd: REFUSED. I'm so confused!! Has this happened to anyone before? Is this an error or did they change their minds? They literally gave him documents that SAY his visa is approved.
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